Story Time: A Warlock and her Minions

Part 1

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

“By all things that are dark and demonic you Zeppik are the most notorious of my demons to be going out to watch an Arena battle in Nagrand?! You are suppose to stay within these walls!” a female voice shrilled from inside the Town hall. Her tone was laced with anger but mostly frustration and made several of her guardsmen quietly leave the building.

Standing at the main table by the fireplace was a young warlock robed in felweave rainment with four ominious green orbs hanging above her head as she stared down at the imp who nervously quaked underneath her gaze. “I told Yarion to keep an eye on you while you slept Mistress I wasn’t gone for too long” Zeppik was perhaps the most mischievous out of Andais’ four minions and always tried to find loopholes when not serving and following the warlock around the regions of Draenor.

Andais Lu threw her imp a Dirty look before waving him away, her hand glowing green fire as he was dismissed. Zeppik opened his mouth in protest but was promptly sent back to the Twisting Nether. Standing in the middle of her town hall, Andais summoned up her void lord Yarion. Out of all the minions that was called by her, Yarion was always the first because it was around the void lord that the dark sorceress felt protected in any corner of the alien world.

Appearing inside the magenta summoning circle, the heavily plated blue phantom appeared stretching his broad arms and hovering in front of the warlock “You called…and I have answered”. Folding her arms and huffing impatiently, Andais addressed the void lord “Enough formalities Yarion, why did you let Zeppik leave my side when I was asleep?” Yarion stared back, no expressions could ever be seen on his face “I apologise mistress that was an error on my behalf, but no harm did come to you while in my presence or the safety of the garrison walls” Andais stomped her foot yet again in frustration “That’s not the point Yarion! I know how cheeky that damn imp can be! It’s like looking after a child when I summon him”.

To be continued…


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