Mood: Hopeful

While on the way home from Bowral for my cousin’s wedding I was browsing the usual Shadowhunters Facebook only to discover they have released two new videos AND the official poster of the tv series finally! While still many supposed fans are arguing that it looks fan made and cheap, I personally found it to look amazing! Have a look.

Others are also arguing that they are rushing Clary into being a Shadowhunter then following her training from being a normal human, personally I knew this would happen it’s to keep the excitement up especially for book fans and something interesting for those who aren’t part of the fandom. January 12th can’t happen sooner!

– Lu


3 thoughts on “Mood: Hopeful

  1. How did I not know that this is a thing?!!! I love the books and didn’t even know there was a TV show coming out. I saw this and did a little jig and did the internal “squeeeeeeeee” of excitement. Hardcore fans of books need to realize that having a TV show is a huge deal, and will always be closer to the books than a movie.

    • Ikr! When the movie flopped in the box office and I found out in May they were making a tv series, I was on board for sure! Books to tv series seem to be more popular- GOT and Vampire Diaries 😀

      • It’s a shame that the movie flopped so much, I thought it wasn’t too bad personally. Vampire Diaries I’d say has a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to the book fans because it’s so different from the books

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