Diary: All Hallows Eve

Last night I went out to the city all in black and dolled up face and got to have a massive catch up with my bestie Mei, it was amazing to see her after so long and tell her the stories of my trip in the United States. She also loved the little gifts I brought back for her, especially that fluffy unicorn keychain from Universal Studios.

We watched a movie since there are so many I want to see that are on screen now, we watched The Last Witch Hunter featuring Vin Diesl, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine. Despite what the critics said and it not getting too much a box office hit, we both still very much enjoyed it. I mean who doesn’t love a good vs evil epic action flick especially the day before Halloween?

It finished around 9pm and we went to O bal tan which also hosts our usual restaurant Seoulria, they are undergoing renovations at the usual spot and are currently sharing the same building as O Bal tan. Not that Mei and I didn’t mind, we came out with our clothes smelling like delicious Korean BBQ. My poor bestie has been so busy at her job AND she got herself a new Hyundai car, its techy and so compact and cute I loved it!

We are hoping to catch up next Friday since I have it rostered off yet again, it be nice considering I am doing an overnight shift before my days off -sigh- I stay up late yes but I go to bed at 3am or before now, I don’t know how I’ll stay awake until 7am..

– Lu


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