Fashion Tile: Harvest Cutie Eggs

Eggs are one of my absolute favourite foods in the entire world and not just around breakfast! It is also Autumn in the northern hemisphere so threw in some Dust bunny pumpkins 😛

* *HolliPocket* Nerdster Tee-QT Pi-Bubblegum anyBody
* ISON– occult jacket -S- (black) *NEW* from C88
* [Cynful] Bandau Jeans Skirt – S from Main store
* .tsg. Heart HiTops – Bubblegum + egg *NEW* from Main store

* *BOOM* Rescued Metal Bracelet (February/Amethyst) *NEW* from The Arcade
* .tsg. Egg Pendant – Multi *NEW* from Deviled Egg
* MONS – NoseJems – style1 (silver) *NEW* from The Arcade
* *katat0nik* (White) Dragon RARE *NEW* from The Arcade
* .Nomore x Miwa. SugarWitch Wand 3 – candy *NEW* from Cosmopolitan


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