Neko Irritation: SL Moneybags

You ladies know exactly who the hell I’m about to vent about, the wannabe billionaires who use pixel money to keep a following. The self proclaimed Tony Starks of Second Life when in the end they are nothing in reality and need to take a chill pill and analyse themselves and their massive online ego.

They have a tendency to exist mostly in the adult sims, adult industry aka porn (yes there are people who do pixel porn) and the “djs” in the many clubs with their groupies. You all need to stop and log off for a good month or even just a week, because all this that you build up online. All this drama to keep your vaginas around you, to be “famous” in a virtual world, really?

All that energy can be used to better use, I mean look at me…I’m using it to give an opinion about you lot 😛


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