Diary: Bouncing Back

Since yesterday I have returned to work in the afternoon shift despite still having a bit of a tickle in the back of my throat. I am quite lucky considering we have been relatively quiet and I didn’t have to talk much to the guests or answering phone calls. The infection has been attacked and finally dealt with despite the side affect of a gurgling stomach.

My colleagues at work have been amazing to me making sure I keep up with my fluids and to not talk so much. My regular guests have also noticed my absence and wished on a speedy recovery, I am hoping for it too to be honest quite over the constant coughing and clearing my throat.

Quite excited with the arrival of the weekend though, my Aunt Ro is flying in from New Zealand and will be participating in the City to Surf along with my sister and my mum’s big sister. Then on Monday we are hoping to go to Taronga Zoo and if all goes well with my health I can be back to being my chirpy, hyper tourist self on this outing.

Your constant support and individual pink moon vibes are well appreciated ❤

– Lu


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