Diary: My Infection Update

Note to self to revert back to diary entries that placing said posts under the title of ‘Mood’. I have just noticed this while browsing through my “Lu’s Diary” category I am using the wrong heading for several blog entries. Whoops! Anyway just to give everyone a heads up what’s going on with my health since I last posted.

I was suppose to go back to work tomorrow morning but parents wanted me to return to the doctors today and check up on the situation of my throat because I still sound like a heavy smoker. He informed me that my throat was still infected and gave me a new script to increase the spectrum to not only continue attacking the bacteria on the back of my throat but to also help with the arrival of my very congested nose.

It seems during my sick leave I have also developed a highly congested and runny nose…great! I gave work a new medical certificate today that I cannot return until the 6th July and mum has already guessed that I won’t be able to do the City to Surf this upcoming weekend because I’m sick. My younger sister has already been training hard and she did her last run yesterday got under 2hrs, I know she’s going to do amazing on Sunday.

– Lu

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