Diary: Annual Leave Finito

Ok technically I have until Tuesday next week before I return to work but considering its almost end of the work week its safe to not much interesting things will happen between now and then. However I DID cook another dish for tonight’s dinner, my younger sister has been quite social after work so mum has been relying on me and my um cooking skills.

Needless to say I am growing confident in doing dinner for the family and if I’m not on PM shift I will try and do it more often then waiting for mum to do it once she gets better from her healing of her hamstring. Speaking of mum she remarked to me today that what will she do when I return to work next week? I have been home this entire 3 weeks and since her operation been helping her out around the house.

It has got me questioning too because dad and Ange obviously both work too and can’t really stay for many hours each day. Mum has become more independant in how she does things on the ground floor but its getting upstairs is just the hassle for her. I know that with PM shifts I am more flexi, we’ll see how she goes on this. Also Vivid (lights event here in Sydney) has already began, hoping to go soon with Mei before my weekends are gone again.

– Lu


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