Diary: Week 1 of Annual Leave

My annual leave/break started on the 10th May (Mothers Day) and when I look back upon this week, I can safely say I have been quite active and mostly offline. Been helping mum out a lot with errands, been going out than just sitting at home and if I am home I’m been catching up on all my chores that I failed to do during my work week. It has been quite relaxing with much needed rest though I still have 2 more weeks of holiday left.

But the past three nights have been a blast! I have never been so social in my life! Two nights ago I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with all the female cousins on my dad’s side- all 8 of us had dinner and watched the movie and it was amazing! Lots of laughs and jokes plus a sort of mini reunion considering we hardly together as one group. Last night I caught up with Mei over ramen plus Lindt chocolate we stayed up until 11pm and I didn’t get home until midnight 😛

Tonight I went out again but with just my immediate family including Ange’s boyfriend Adam, we went to the city and had an early dinner/dessert. Usual silly jokes, dad talking about “back home in the Philippines” and getting lost in the carpark! Needless to say this first week has been great outside of Second Life and though I have not travelled overseas its left me feeling good inside.

– Lu

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