Diary: Real World Update

I haven’t written much about what’s going on in reality lately but decided today I might as well since its all starting to happen in this week and next week. It all started with mum going to Malaysia for work, unfortunately the day before Good Friday she took a tumble in the local shopping centre and got massive black bruising on her thigh and calf.

Between her and dad they were trying to talk to the insurance to get her home for obvious medical reasons but it was quite tough. Then on the 8th April, mum recieved a call from New Zealand that her father passed away, grandad has been in a nursing home and has been up and down with his health in the recent years that is why mum went early in February to see him. Now he is gone and we are all very much devastated.

Mum came home two days ago we picked her up from the airport in the morning and my younger sister took her to the doctors, it was also now arranged that mum and I are going to New Zealand next week for grandad’s funeral. I am excited to see my family again but sad its on such unfortunate circumstances. I just hope mum’s mentality will be ok throughout the whole thing.

Also because of mum’s fall overseas, she has pulled her tendon in the back of her leg, it has snapped off the pelvic bone so she’ll need healing process and a month won’t be enough. It means that our month trip in the United States has to be postphone for another time- I admit I’m disappointed but understanding to get mum better.

– Lu


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