Fashion Tile: Flight of Catwoman

Doing something different again with my fashion tile and not editting the pictures at all but just using the raw windlighting of what one sees when on high graphics 🙂

* .::PS::. Horizon – Anchors – Black *NEW* from Lubbly Jubblies 
* *Tentacio* Top S black *NEW* from The Secret Affair
* *CK* PURFECT diva miniskirt S *NEW* from Store market place
* .tsg. Cherry Plats – Bubblegum *NEW* from Kawaii Project

* (NO) Lucky Cat Charm – Bindi – Fame from The Arcade 01/03/15
* *N* KITSUNE MASK HALF SAKURA #2 *NEW* from Luck of Irish
* -David Heather- Bag of Jewels RARE from The Arcade 01/03/15
* -David Heather- Money Briefcase RARE from The Arcade 01/03/15
* *Tentacio* The end. Backpack *NEW* from The Secret Affair
* Luas Mad World Belt RARE *NEW* from The Secret Affair


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