Diary: Importance of Friendship

I went to bed at 5am this morning (do not kill me Mei >.<) but for a very good reason, other than the fact I waited for Aum to come home from work and I was catching up with my American bestie Katie about what is going on with her life but I got Yume-chan back! My beloved pink hair chibi full of life and energy- something happened and though it was very unfortunate that it had to be such a rude awakening for her I’m just glad we’re friends again!

She deserves only the best people around her and it was perfect timing that one of her friends who is a creator on Second Life but also a very busy man in reality has returned and she’s happy again 😀 He is her Helios to her Chibi-Usa and I always knew he was the one for her, I mean he’s been with her through everything!

Ohh and just saying this- unless its openly communicated and discussed “Just a photo” no it’s not, if you know your partner wouldn’t approve of it, don’t bloody do it! It’s as simple as that.

– Lu

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