Neko Irritation: 50 Shades

Lately since the opening of 50 shades of Grey in the cinemas I have been on a war path of being very anti 50 and promoting of how abusive and reckless the male protagonist Christian Grey is to his submissive Ana Steele. Anyone who is in the BDSM lifestyle knows its all about being safe, sane and consensual- it is not one sided at all!

Unfortunately one of my dear friends on Second Life who works in an adult store overheard the wannabe Dominants who believe in that D/s relationship it is all about themselves and giving pain to their submissive. I found this on Facebook and went to the tumblr and I think those getting into it should read and learn 🙂

Those who are beginners and just have a taste for kinky sex and not realising that you can be in a D/s relationship and not have sex involved at all like to think they are suddenly experts in the lifestyle. Please stop, research and understand- don’t be like the author!


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