Fashion Tile: Eye See You

I have my moments in being cute and fluffy but where there is light, always a shadow behind it. This is where the fair- +Creepy/KaWaii comes in, mixing pastel and gothic. I got a new outfit for you ❤

* {VINCUE} ~ Koha+Dress [XXS-XS-S] *NEW* from +Creepy/KaWaii Fair 2015
* {N} Kitty-Bow Socks: White {Gift} from Carowynn
* Magika [Hair] Dots from Store marketplace
* .tsg. Coffin Nails – CreepyCute *NEW* from Cosmetics Fair
* -Nomi rabbit lolita shose Pink(L) Rare *NEW* from +Creepy/KaWaii


* +Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe – Valentino *NEW* from +Creepy/KaWaii
* -ATTIC- DIY Lomomo Cam STEAMPUNK (Neck) RARE *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* ANE Bony Heart Necklace SILVER with Ruby Heart *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::
* *REIGN. – My Little Cupcake Ring- Silver RARE *NEW* from +Creepy/KaWaii
* {Amai} Spoopy Eyeballz Bowz. Cherry + Peach from Creepy Cutie Carnival 2014
* {MB} Jar of Hearts [RARE] from RMK Halloween fair

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