Fashion Tile: Brackley Meadows Visitor

My dear friend Fay and her partner Alex have opened up a family friendly sim on Second Life for roleplay and hanging out, it has been their keen project for a while. For Slife explorers check out Brackley Meadows

* *HolliPocket*  Nerdster Tee-I ❤ my DORK-Hot Pink from OMGacha
* *HolliPocket*  On A Tuesday Jeans-Cobalt Blue from anyBody
* Pink Acid Overly Done – Fake Lips – Dolly from Main store
* MB~:. Carmen Lash Set from Store Market place
* Magika [Hair] Stay from Store Market place
* [CX] Grungy Geta (Red) from Main store

* {FORMANAILS} – OPALIS-SILVER-R from The Showroom
* *Epic* Kawaii Hazard Skateboard {Hot Pink} [Backpack] from Main store
* Aii + Potions Belt + from Main store
* -Buttery Toast- Chained Hearts – Bracelet (Silver) from Main store
* Plethora – Mochi Dango – Bunny from Candy Fair 2014
* {N} Digital Nova Specs–Black {Gift}

Her store Buttery Toast is featured on High street next to the uber cute candy store where I took my LOTD pictures inside, the sim also features a police station, fire station, playground, rental office and Hot topic: Cafe. I have an odd love for cafes/bakeries in both reality and on Second Life and checking out the different ones on the grid always gets me giddy.


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