Diary: 10 Facts About Me

It is quite difficult to be who you are in reality on a virtual client, but it is quite easy for those who don’t know you to jump to conclusions and judge you based on what others have whispered in their ears.
This evening inspired by a game that started on my Facebook and went around to various people including myself I decided to give you all some random facts about me that you wouldn’t have guessed- even those who know me well 🙂

1. When I was younger, when very emotionally upset I used to make myself sick
2. I have a sway back, I had no muscle when I was born
3. Used to have severe asthma as a child and if not managed I get bleeding noses that last for 30mins or more
4. I have disliked reality since I was 5 and a loner until I made a friend in Yr 1
5. Tested for ADHD in Yr 4, mum was going to put me on suicide watch in senior years of high school
6. Seen as an outsider/odd during primary school and early high school
7. Second Life would still be my escape, my sanctuary of the real world
8. I had to see a psychologist for 9 months after an ordeal on the IMVU client (and my first relationship)
9. Despite my pink and fluffy personality, I do have a darkness inside that I keep under wraps
10. My hormones are out of balance, I have a specialised pill that I take daily to give me more estrogen

I just realised that most of these are health and mental related but considering what happen last night when I was wrongfully ejected from a group Second Life and what two people have said to me, I decided to give a background. We all have inner demons, its just a matter of how we handle them- do we hide or bury them once and for all?

– Lu


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