Diary: 2015 Resolutions

I have already celebrated the arrival of 2015 last night when I was at my friend’s place and we got to see the fireworks from her balcony blasting off at various suburbs nearby and the main city attraction. It is now 7:30pm on the 1st Janaury 2015 and I realised now after saying goodbye to Mei who slept over that I did not have any resolutions for me this year.

I don’t think I posted anything for last year either (or possibly kept to them) well this year I have a minute list and hopefully going to keep to it this time round since I keep slacking off by the second month.

* Be motivational- in all aspects of my life not just living a real life
* Become healthier than before (lose the tubby stomach, consume less sugar, move around more than stationary on computer or standing behind the front desk)
* Travel more- I have so much money saved up but work way too much!
* Have a partner who is suited to me in every way, long distance might not be the cut and I cannot call it love if I haven’t even seen them, logically I do have strong feelings though.

– Lu


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