Diary: 2014 Review

I discovered my 2013 review from last year and what had happened, reflecting on this year I realise a lot more different things have happened and quite happy that there have been certain changes in my life. Now just trying to think what has happened, the highlights of my own personal 2014.

My highlights
* Two years almost at Crowne Plaza now Novotel Norwest 😀 I have become Team leader status
* I finally got to travel again and returned to the Philippines with the family and reunited with cousins I haven’t seen in 20 years
* Been on Second Life for a year and bit, met many friends, lost some too, got close to a selected few but still kept in contact with my girls from IMVU
* My blog is a year old and I got 328 followers plus 329 likes on my Luci Logs facebook page ❤ Ty all!
* I decided to have my own happiness and did a big change when it came to my heart

Overall I am quite happy with the outcome of my year, I have learned so much and remember the lowlights for them to not repeat again or ever have that kind of personality near me. It has helped me continue to grow and made me look forward to 2015!

– Lu


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