Diary: Change of Season

As the season gets hotter with the end of Spring and arrival of Summer it is also a time of change for me, not so much in my performance at work other than getting better in what I do best but in regards to the people I hang out with on the grid and continue to enjoy what Second Life provides.

Before I left for Philippines, everyone read my big thankful post to the group that I hung out with every night otherwise known as the ‘Night shift’ it was great I had a solid friendship group with most of them in the same time zone as myself, I left Australia on a happy note and excited to be going overseas to see family. However it all changed in the middle of the holiday, the group stayed in contact via Whatsapp and we chatted at different times telling each other what we up to and I was sharing photos from my holiday.

I got in a mix up with two of the girls and the way I messaged them on the app it was possibly worded wrong and both got offended, that was just the start when I came back, I noticed that only one of them had welcome me back the others had not, couple days later while I was on the last leg of my annual leave after posting a status I found out the real reason behind the cold shoulders. Needless to say after apologising and explaining it still hasn’t gone well and I’ve found myself finding new friends to hang out with.

I am very fortunate to have the girls that stuck by my side and the new ones I have gotten closer to, without them I wouldn’t have enjoyed Second Life as much and possibly left or remained being depressed (not really a good thing for a girl usually so positive on both the grid and in reality). This is my change of season to let go of the past and everything negative and enjoy the upcoming merry season with positive people and good company.

– Lu


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