Second Life: The Windlight Effect

My night time after dinner has been quite productive in the sense of socialising with my international friends on Second Life and hanging out together in the group we dubbed “Night shift” we sim hopped at first doing our own individual things before coming together on various sims.

My chibi Yume-chan and I wanted to continue our Halloween shopping at RMK sim where they have specially set up the entire place for October including a special “Magical academy” event where you can become a witch in training just have to surpass the broom test (which we both failed on multi times :l)

It gave me a change to log onto firestorm and test out my talent on using the wind lighting system that it has that gives you multiple lighting and shades to the entire sim where your avatar is located. Needless to say, the three pictures I posted above are my favourite from tonight’s hanging out with friends.

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