Second Life: Kagami Event

It started off as simple exploration of a well done sim with my two friends Hammer and KD, it evolved into walking through those red shrine gates with the sim HUD on and playing a game that is very similar to a quest on World of Warcraft. It made the gamer in me cheer happily.

かがみ/Kagami is a Japanese horror event occuring all of August that tells a unique story of two sisters seperated each other between life and death. The word alone means ‘Mirror’ and is highly interactive for all Second Life users.

There are kitsune dotted around the shopping mall where there are plenty of products to choose from. Noted creators such as Cubic Kreations, Cerberus Xing, Naminoke. Most of the visitors including myself all got dressed up for the occassion in draping kimonos and samurai garbs.

To participate in the game your avatar has to be under 1MB to save yourself the lag (and in some parts during the game there are laggy ends). Wearing the HUD you enter through the gates and into the tunnel, you also have to allow the HUD to control your camera angle and teleport you at every appropriate time.

There are 2 parts of the game and you have to re-enter the shrine to play Part 2. I personally enjoyed Part 2 because it is when the spirits are already hosting their festival and everything is lit up and colourful.


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