Diary: Moon Princess is BAACCKK

Putting this quickly into my blog before I do my second Fashion tile but I just finished watching Episode 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal and omfg, can we all please pause as I erupt into a fangirling mess! The animation was so flawless, they made all the characters so damn beautiful ._. And they kept with the manga plotline properly this time.

The meeting between Usagi and Mamoru it is one of the most classic scenes in the history of Earth and Moon! For all of us Moon kitties we know that it was this pivotal moment that started up the romance of one of the best couples in history! And no I’m not exaggerating, they truly are most people know who Sailor Moon is and know of the love between her and Tuxedo Kamen.

Apparently Episode 2 doesn’t arrive until 2 weeks?! Whyy so long >.< That I don’t know but it is introducing Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury and sooner or later we’ll get all five girls together! Cannot wait to see how this revived series goes 😀

– Lu


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