Diary: Building Relationships

Though today is Day 6 of work and I got one more day left before I finally get my weekend I have to admit that I’m quite content with my reality right now especially tonight. After last night’s argument and conclusion with my dear boyfriend Ian, I know now that I haven’t been paying attention to him in what he deserves and he shouldn’t be dealing with that from me.

Regardless of the fact he did not come here last month and we had to put it on hold until hopefully October (I told him to come here for my mum’s birthday) we manage to save and mend our relationship mostly for my part. I will try and give him more attention than be so caught up and focused on the pixel worlds, mum is warning that I should cease in my SL shopping 😡

Work wise, I have been doing the PM shift with my Assistant front office manager Tash, I’m quite happy to remark that for the past 2 months I have been enjoying work more and more. Not just because I been winning with the enrollments for our hotel but my relationships with my front office bosses has improved tenfold. I actually enjoy going to work now not with a sense of dread 😀

– Lu

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