Second Life: Old Hollywood Glam

This should have been posted on Sunday when the party happened but oh well, I’m posting it today on the 1st July. Us Aussies have hit the middle of winter officially! But this post is more so a recap of the amazing 40s style Hollywood party at Elysion this past week 😀

I did not sleep in for once and managed to log on and teleport to Les Reves before the sim got packed with people. The owner Syn was looking exquisite as always even if she had a stache on her avatar’s face. My good friend and dance pal Hammer was running late because his parents had turned off the net but managed to hook up to his phone.

The dear bloke was matching my outfit (a dress that I had bought the night before after coming home at 2am from a great family party. Got to catch up with all the Filipino relatives on dad’s side). My dress reminded me of the ladies in the musical: Singing in the Rain at the opening scene premiere. Styled hair and lots of ruffles and fur wraps.

Needless to say it was a very glitzy fair that even though I could not stay all night (had rl work) it was yet another successful event with Syn djing for the first hour before Belle took over the stream and played some jams. This next weekend Elysion won’t be hosting their weekend party because it is July 4th in the U.S and many of the members will be celebrating it with real life loved ones.

I am quite glad to have blogged about this, it has been too long since I have posted about this group that I’m in. As days pass and the group gets bigger and parties are grander, I am proud to be an Elysian member 😛


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