Fashion Tile: Red Lotus

Another round of We ❤ RP has opened and I also visited Tales of Fantasy they have released a gacha event this time with the theme of Gods and Goddesses. I made a look AND after almost a year in not having them, last night I purchased the breast attachment known as lola tangos

* Hestia Greek skirt by Peqe from Tales of Fantasy
* Sanvean Full body paint in white- Darkest by Haus of Darcy from We ❤ RP
* Candy Lewmi hair by Ploom main store
* Elf ears by Mandala marketplace
* Body petals by Infiniti from Tales of Fantasy
* Pepper lipstick by Pink Acid from She & Him event

* Kyna wreath peach by DD from We ❤ RP
* Kharys Circlet- Gemstone pearl by The Plastik from We ❤ RP
* Qarth lady belt black by Aisling from The Secret Affair
* Enzeld silver by Aisling from We ❤ RP
* Eunice hands black by Aisling from Tales of Fantasy
* Jewelled goddess amulet necklace silver/red by Zyn from Tales of Fantasy


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