Diary: A Happy Weekend

First day of my weekend has just passed but already lots of excitement has happened today both in browsing the net and going out tonight with my bestie Lana. We finally got to see Vivid after much delay and procrastination in our previous outings together. We took pictures with the bunnies and of the classic Opera house, I did a collage onto my Instagram if you all want to see it ❤

Then can all the Moon kitties and Toothless fans squeal with me because of the fantastic fact that the new and re-invented Sailor Moon is opening internationally to all old and new fans of the series on July 7th 2014!! They released the trailer online today and I’m still wiggling in my seat in the pure excitement of my favourite anime coming back to life.

Also How to Tame your Dragon 2 is opening here in Australia on June 19th but just browsing the cinema website now I just realised they have advanced screenings for tomorrow night!! I have already text Lana, we have to go after our dinner, we MUST!

– Lu



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