Mood: Pretty

A new fashion tile is coming up after this post but I just had to do this quickly, considering the fact my outfit I managed to plan out and lay out on my bed behind my desk. The same friend who did my hair and make-up for Mary‘s hens night is organising another “Mukja club” dinner with all the regular friends plus newcomers.

I have done my AM shift and I got PM shift tomorrow (only 2 nights of work left until weekend!) so you bet I’m going to the dinner, MeiMei will also be there she isn’t passing a chance of amazing Korean food. Onni told me that will be three Aussie blokes joining us at the dinner and its making me laugh and mentally facepalm; typical Korean lady trying to be match-maker though knowing I’m collared to my man 😛

Also Vivid Sydney has opened its doors tonight officially and I’m really hoping we all go check it out, I love it when my home city turns on its colours for the world to come and see ❤ And not just on New years eve either.




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