Diary: Simplicity of Life

It happens spontaneously either after an AM shift or on my day off when I’m sick of being in world/on my laptop or I just want to see more green than constant cars and buildings. I drive up to the town known as Wiseman’s Ferry which is an hour away from I live and within that hour the suburb that I live in with all its corporate buildings, main roads and shopping centres and trade changes to just a rolling single road leading up into the hills into the bushland.

That for me is why I drive, I have told several people that after I do all the travelling around the world, I have settled down (not sure if I’ll ever marry even with my current relationship) that I would move down south and live in the quiet town of Kangaroo valley. When my grandma used to live in Nowra, my family and I used to travel through the mountains to get there and we sometimes had a pit stop of afternoon tea in that quaint lil town. I absolutely fell in love with it and still wish to return one day.

Though I was spoiled throughout my childhood and a daughter who grew up in 5 star travel with the family, I really desire the simple life. A small house/English cottage away from civilisation (but including my laptop :P) and waking up to seeing lush greenery and hearing birds sing. I’m thinking about that lifestyle even more considering that I have been working so much in this hotel for the past year and I really need a good break.

– Lu


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