Mood: Team Evil

I know this isn’t a mood but considering that I skipped a whole season and was browsing Youtube tonight to see the ‘Witch fight’ between the evil queen Regina and Wicked witch Zelena of the tv show Once upon a time, I’m in a hyperactive fangirl mood and totally rooting for Team Evil right now. I have Season 1 and 2 on DVD and been watching the beginning of Season 2 but considering what’s been going on with Regina you can’t help but wish for her own happy ending.


And this new villainess in Season 3, Zelena…the difference between her and Regina is that I never actually hated the Evil queen despite what she did to all the fairytale characters throughout the seasons but Zelena in a single season alone…oh my fucking god!! ROT FOREVER IN HELL BITCH!! >.<

– Lu


Side note: I know that Captain Hook and Emma are totally hot together but the more I see Regina and Emma together, I’m shipping Swanqueen >.>


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