Diary: Travel Goal

I’m attempting to stay up only to put up this post for what I learned today while at work. I had five hours sleep last night because I had loyalty program training this morning that went for 1.5hrs, then in the late arvo had to come back and still work the PM shift. I’m running on low fuel here, tomorrow is going to be Day 7 before I finally can have my weekend and relax. It is also my dad’s birthday on Sunday so we’ll be going out in the evening to celebrate.

But with the program and working tonight I checked in one of Accor Advantage Plus gold guests who is a veteran traveller (so jealous!) and was telling me about what Accor is all about from the guest point of view. He also told me that as an employee of the company I should enjoy all the benefits that they offer including checking out the Sofitel in Guangzhou, China. Now I didn’t know where this place was until my colleague and I googled it.

It is so going on my bucket list when I do my travelling and yes travelling is still on my to-do list other than just working all my damn life. I’m still young, haven’t capped 30 yet I should be out there and enjoying the world!

– Lu


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