雨滴: To The Death

I will admit this was a favourite piece to write in the chronicles but also took me 2.5 weeks to type it after since the last Ame post on my former blog, nevertheless for those who haven’t read AH Chronicles here is a juicy installment 🙂

Early morning had arrived and Ame had woken up earlier than usual. She was sitting on the platform that hung over the edge of the Shaolin temple. Still wearing the monk robes borrowed to sleep in and cradling a new cup of boiling green tea. Her head was leaning against the wooden banister, eyes closed in a semi mediatation mode. She knew deep down that in order to retrieve the ring she would have to kill Shun Hui.

Normally she enjoyed the kill, seeing the blood spurt from the large gaping wounds but she did not know the skill of the Triad. And for those brief few moments, Ame feared for her own life. Finishing the mug of green tea, she placed it on the platform and stared out towards the rising sun. Her older sister Meiakane had already returned home to Japan, an overnight flight and giving her younger sister a departing gift. A cherry red tanto with hanging ornaments, one bear and a skull.

It was something random but cute at the same time, Ame immediately taking an attachment to it as stood up from the balcony and wandered back into the temple. The monks did not bother into the business of the world gangs and would only walk with the Hayato child until they reached the gates of the Triad’s fort. Ame did not mind this, it would help her clear her head and focus without feeling guilty on the upcoming kill.

The monk who had delivered the tea and welcomed her into the temple was waiting for her at the gate of the Shaolin temple. He bowed to her and she bowed back. His cheery disposition was replaced by a calm and collected manner. He knew where she was going, what her mission was to be. Together they took the winding trek around the mountains. He had explained to her on the way that the Temple of One Hundred Fireflies was a temple that hung off the edge of a cliff. It had hidden trap doors and sudden drops even inside. It took one who knew the temple to easily navigate around its secret corridors.

Reaching the bright red gates of the Triad fort, the Shaolin monk bowed once more to Ame and muttered a single prayer for her before disappearing down the mountain as quickly as he came. Ame stared up at the temple, noting the steep drop on the right hand side. Her dark eyes scanned the area quickly. No guards, no animals, not even a single sound was heard. A breezed picked up and moved past her as if encouraging her, daring her to enter the enemy’s fortress.

She was wearing a school uniform of sorts, it was how she liked to approach battles. Playing the defenseless school girl, its how she fooled her peers back at CVH. She didn’t care if the Triad daughter was within a temple, Ame knew it was nothing more than a fort for their arch nemesis. Sliding her Hello kitty katana out of its sheath from her back, her red lips grinning widely.

“Time to dance Star”

Ame quickly ran forward through the gates and towards the first main building, she heard the hum of something brush past her ear and she ducked down seeing an arrow protuding from the top of a tree trunk. Her brown eyes narrowed and took a single step forward coming out of the bushes on either side a couple more arrows were released aiming towards her foot. The path was rigged with an arrow dispenser system. Quickly running forward, her speed increasing against the dirt, the arrows whizzing past behind her before she quickly flipped and landed at the entrance of the main building.

The Triad was smart to at least set up traps for the Yakuza within a temple that only she knew the details. Ame’s eyebrows furrowed as she took a single step inside the first building and tested the strength of the wooden floorboards. It seemed to hold easily underneath her. Quickly she ran across the floorboards only hearing a single creak come out from underneath her black and white heels. Reaching the other side of the building, she took in the view of the sudden drop and the layout of the temple before her.

Ame took a single step only to see a shuriken fly past in front of her, she quickly took a step back into the main building and looked to her left. She saw no one, frowning she pressed against the wall on the outside and crept towards the left of the building. It was then she caught side of blue fabric disappearing up the stairs in front of her. Quickly running, her katana now held in her left hand spinning it to face forward Ame pursued the fleeting blue.

Turning around the corner, she saw another shuriken quickly fly towards her, she ducked down but kept running hearing a pair of feet quite close in front of her. Seeing the small temple roof dip low in front of her, Ame quickly jumped onto the edge and ran across the roof jumping down the other side and entering the room. The blue fabric was of a simple robe wrapped around a pale figure with raven hair. Shun Hui.

Facing each other in the small temple room, Hui unsheathed her Dao sword from her waist swinging it once in her right hand before poising it in front of her. Her slippered feet taking a battle stance while her left hand shaped into two fingers for balance. Ame frowned at her immediately seeing the golden lion ring on a single chain around the girl’s neck. So it would have to be beheading. Clutching onto her katana with both hands she raised it, her body turned halfway as she waited. An eerie silence washed over the pair as time stood still. Hui then took a running step forward her Dao raised to strike. Ame ran forward too, their swords clashing sending off bronze sparks.

The sound of metal against metal resounded around the Temple as the Triad and Yakuza fought against one another. No words were exchanged, no sarcastic comments, no death threats. But both knew who they were facing in this single fight. Ame took a side step as Hui swung her Dao towards her, the strike clashing against the blunt side of Ame’s katana and both girls pressed into their blades attempting to overpower the other. Their feet dug into the wood, both heels and slippers starting to slide.

They both jumped back before lunging forward again, the metals clashing as both girls kept attacking the other with several slashes and punctures. Hui met her mark when her Dao managed to cut through Ame’s puffy blouse sleeve and her knee-high socks. Ame felt back clutching onto her right shoulder, the sharpness of Hui’s blade had reached contact and cut her skin. Warmth of her blood seeped through and staining the pure white of her blouse. Hui saw this and a little smirk appeared on her face.

This only enraged the Yakuza child who quickly ran forward, her emotions getting the better of her as she twisted her body and cut her katana down, Hui quickly lifted her Dao and blocked the incoming attack but did not predict the follow through kick from Ame’s left calf. She was sent crashing through the temple’s inner paper walls landing on the wood with a soft groan. Ame ripped a piece of her skirt and tied it around her upper arm in temporary attempt to stop the blood flow. Her breathing was uneven, her brown eyes going dark as she quickly chased after the Triad who had rolled away and taken one of the hidden trap doors to the lower floor.

‘Coward!’ Ame’s mind screamed as she quickly jumped down each level through the ledges and landing on the bottom floor where it was completely dark. A single candle lit up at the end of the room followed by the sound of a paper door sliding open. Ame quickly ran towards the light just as the piercing sound of metal slicing through the air reached her from behind, she spun around on her toes but not before seeing the ends of her hair being cut. Spinning forward her body twisting she gripped the hilt of her katana with two hands as it clashed with Hui’s who appeared out of the darkness.

Their swords continued clashing as they moved outside into the open air, the wind picking up between the two girls ruffling both the robes and uniform. Ame pushed through the Dao with her katana quickly letting go of her hilt with one hand and knocking Hui backwards with an elbow thrust to her face. A satisfied crunch was heard as her elbow hit Hui’s nose. The girl gasped and stumbled backwards clutching onto her face. Now Ame was smiling wildly almost psychotically as she snarled “私はあなたのきれいなヘッドがローリングお送りします / I will send your pretty head rolling”

Hui sniffed back the blood that was now seeping out of her nose and lashed forward with her Dao, the swords clashing once more as Ame twisted forward knocking the Dao out of Hui’s hands surprising the Triad girl quickly slashing through her knee making the young woman fall forward and Ame followed through with a quick slice of her katana. Her blade finding its target, a clean cut of beheading the Triad completely. The removed head hitting the gravel with a sickening thud before it rolled away and off the cliff.

The blood spurted high into the air and spraying Ame’s uniform and face. She stood there silently, heavily breathing as she reached forward and broke the ring from the headless body. Placing the ring on her middle finger of her right hand, the wicked smile appearing on her face.

Mission complete.


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