Diary: A Question

I follow many blogs and not just here on wordpress, also on blogspot. There is one ladies blog that I read mostly because of her graphic sexual pictures off Second Life but also what she says from the heart. She has gone from marriage online to being polyamorous, now how did that happen? Oh let’s just say her ‘husband’ has a real life partner who did not know what he is doing online (and probably still doesn’t). It has left this other lady seeking other partners and perhaps companions to fill up the gap.

But I have to raise this question and not just to her  but to everyone and anyone reading my post today. How can one be polyamorous? As human beings we have the capacity to love greatly and passionately, but I always thought you give your entire heart to one person and you strive to be better as a couple, a pairing, one single entity. How is that possible when you have many lovers? Sure when Ian was no longer on Second Life, I sought companions when my girls weren’t online. That’s where I met my friend Hammer.

He and I hang out almost every night (when I finish work that is) and either go clubbing, to the big events in Elysion, last night was zombie shooting or in the voice chat room of Alterego. But just because I hang out with this man does not mean I love him. Oh no, it means I value his company very highly above anyone else in world. So to me for those who suddenly claim after heartache that they will have many lovers, maybe its not about being selfish/greedy but trying to fill in that gap that you have in reality.

It probably is different for those practice it in reality, but I am merely speaking from what I observe online, people use it as an excuse to hump many a pixel dick or to get out of a sticky situation. But really, what is the need of it?

– Lu

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