Diary: 26 Years

My birthday has arrived and I’ll be putting in two posts one for the real world and one for the virtual world because in both I have been treated like a spoiled princess and forever thankful to the friends and family who have shown how much they care and even remember my birthday! Today I have officially turned 26 and quite lucky to have today off. I’m back to work tomorrow morning but I am revelling in these final 30mins before heading to my bed and trying to sleep.

Mum’s side of the family including my cousin who I haven’t seen since her wedding last year in December took me out to the local RSL club where we all had together before returning home and I got a chocolate mud birthday cake from French kitchen. I also got my birthday present from my younger sister and her boyfriend a pair of pink Nike shoes and a DVD of fitness by Mel B.

Tonight after a simply fantastic time with my international friends on Second Life, I went out for a much smaller dinner with my bestie Mei/Lana, that girl spoiled me with a white musk shower gel and pretty Aquarian necklace from Peep Toe :3 I’m still quite full from dinner and I hope it digests soon!

– Lu


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