Story Time: The Masque

The third installment of the D/s mini series that I was working on in my previous wordpress. The Dominant and his kitten attend the masque

Turning around in the long black ruffled gown, her Christian Loubtin shoes clipping across the bedroom floor as she took in her appearance. She had to admit the make-up artist and hairdresser did an amazing job in dolling her up for that night’s masquerade. It was to be held at one of the Aristocrat’s manors and it was where the Master was to present her to his society. She was nervous, she was a simple suburban girl being brought out into the world of luxury and wealthy beings. The people who doted upon those they favoured and she was highly favoured by her Dom, she knew this by the rose collar bound around her neck. She ran an idle finger around it smiling at her appearance in the mirror.

Hearing her bedroom door click open she quickly turned around, the skirt of her gown sweeping as she bowed her head. His gentle head cupped her chin and tilted her head up “Beautiful. You are ready” His hand slid down from her chin down her bare shoulder to offering his arm. Smiling softly she accepted it and they headed down the grand staircase and out the main door. His black lacquered Rolls royce awaited them, he opened the door ever the gentleman and allowed her to go inside first. Minding her gown, she slid into the passenger seat feeling him follow suit behind her. Clasping her hands together nervously, he noticed her hands shaking and tenderly picked one up and sucked on two of her fingers. Immediately she calmed down as she faced him, watching him intently her mouth parted watching his erotic move. He released her fingers from his mouth and smiled at her leaning close and pulling her lips to his “We have time if you like” She inhaled against his mouth “Please sir”

The Rolls royce pulled up in front of the mansion and one of the attendants hurried down the stone steps and opened the passenger door. The Dom stood out first wearing his sleek black mask chuckling amused at the attendant’s shocked expression. Quickly buttoning up his ruffled white shirt and zipping up his trousers, he discreetly covered the lipstick marks on his neck “She needed to relax” He reached a hand back into the car and her hand came out followed by the rest of her body. Flustered in the face with her cat mask covering her eyes, she blushed softly under his gaze. He smiled looping her arm with his pulling her close and whispering “Amazing quickie darling, you will get more later I promise” The thought of more only made her bite her bottom lip with need. Nodding to the attendant, the Dom announced himself and added with a confident smirk “I am also introducing my kitten to the rest of the ball, let your Lord know?” The attendant nodded “Yes sir” He quickly disappeared into the mansion.

The submissive tightens her hold on her Dominant’s arm who gives her a loving stare “They will love you” Before leading her into the mansion’s foyer where they were to be announced.


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