Story Time: Sweet Submissive

This continues from ‘The Dominant’s domain’ I suppose the story of the new girl continues in this short piece

The rain was pouring outside of the mansion and she was laying on her stomach in her new bedchambers, it was luxurious and she was definitely spoiled by her Master who lovingly named her ‘His kitten’. Her fingers idly stroked the pewter rose that hung at her neck, she had to admit she was quite new to this lifestyle, this change in her normal routine. Obeying and bending to his will was foreign but same time it excited her and she continued to follow his rules just to see his pleased expression. Scribbling in her diary she recapped that day of serving the Master of the mansion and was treated to love, passion and gifts. Such a gift was hanging on the outside of her burgundy closet, a volimnous black gown along with a lacy kitty mask and Christian Loubitin heels. It was for a masquerade they were to attend that night and also where he could come out to his society and announce her as his. Pausing in her writing she bit her bottom lip nervously, her thigh-high kitten stockings swinging in the air. She just hoped the Rich and Beautiful approved of her.


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