Diary: 2013 Review

I was a good girl tonight and went for a 3km walk with my dad because his tennis partner has returned to the Philippines for a holiday and perhaps permanently. We got a delightful treat because it was around the time the sun was setting, Venus is in the sky and people’s houses are covered with Christmas lights. Some are simple and some are over the top clearly in the Christmas competition of the annual event in our local newspaper. It also got me reflecting on what has happened this year. I can’t believe its already the final month! It’s gone so quickly and keeps getting faster every year I’m getting older.

My highlights
* Left Four Points joined Crowne Plaza
* Booted from roleplaying group, humiliated then my first wordpress got suspended
* Began a relationship with my other half, together for almost 9 months now :3
* Joined Second Life in July now happily settled in and semi roleplaying/writing again
* Luci Logs 2 opened and I now got 126 followers (Thank you!)

Clearly not much has happened mostly work and online stuff that have occurred but still a lot has happened, opened my eyes on certain things that I enjoy, people that I used to know and I’m content where I am right now 🙂

– Lu


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