Neko Irritation: Slutty Sub

Using the same header as what I have for My Writer’s Peeves but this time its not focused on writing or roleplaying, its my general dislikes all together whether in the virtual universes or my reality. This is focused on the IMVU developers I seen, not the ones I support and who are authentic in their textures and design but the thieves and graphic artists they have the guts to say “Ohh its liek MY work!” Ughh! One of many reasons why I left their family friendly virtual world.

However there is one thing that has come to mind after one of the former developers did a rage at his slut of a submissive was being pulsed about in being a thief and whore. Um listen buddy…a thing or two about your beloved “brat”

She is just crying to you and you don’t know half the story and because you are either ignorant or the one on the leash you don’t see this skank is just leading you on and using you for your own “developer” skills though people also reckon you are a thief too πŸ˜› The fact she calls herself a submissive to her Dominant when she truly she is living up to her avi name in being a skank ugh! It’s putting the rest of us to shame

— Lu

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