Diary: Packed Sunday

Something real life for a change from the usual pixellated posts. I am back to work today but only for three days and for a quiet Sunday morning, the afternoon and evening was jam packed with family excitement. It is one of my Uncle/Tito’s birthday today and we are not only celebrating this event but also the safe return of three of my Tita’s (Aunt), another Tito and grandma- Matriarch of the Filo side in my family. Because the media had been splashing across all the headlines and sensationlising the headlines, it did not tell us details of where Typhoon Haiyan had hit until today.

Though I was exhausted from only 4.5hrs sleep, I still managed to keep my cousin’s kids entertained, three boys and one girl I also got to carry the newest member to the next generation, my niece Ella a very smiley bubba. The night was your usual Filo party with everyone catching up with the returned relatives, kids going hyperactive crazy and I got to finally have time with my cousins since I barely see them with my shift work at the hotel. It wasn’t until my dad came off the phone with speaking to my sister informing me that our Parish priest from the early 2000s Father Kevin Lee passed away in the Philippines saving another family.

Dad never shows emotion on his face even at funerals, but he was getting teary when he was telling me and I still can’t believe my former Parish priest is dead until I saw the news tonight when I got home from the party. He was not your traditional priest had eccentric values and ideas about the Catholic Church and how it could be stronger if they stopped ignoring certain aspects. When I used to attend mass every Saturday I remember enjoying his sermons after the gospel, it made me enjoy going to church.

For Father Kevin, may you Rest in peace and find happiness in the House of our God.

– Lu


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