Story Time: The Dominant’s Domain

Not sure what this is, perhaps a modern version of Beauty and the Beast? With themes of bdsm and the deadly sins of gluttony, lust and greed thrown into it 😛

Alone in the woods, she had lost her way until she heard the sound of a rushing brook that led the way, out of dark forest to the main pathway of the mysterious manor

The door opened and she stepped inside, wonder assaulted her eyes for she could not believe at how vast the library was, for she was a lover of the written word

Unaware that she was being watched, he stood there in the corner, quietly watching her explore a soft smile appearing on his normally cold and hardened face

The longer she stayed within the manor, she was seduced by the decadence and luxury of his home, as months passed she found herself getting closer to the Master

Until one night when they had retired to his bedroom, that she surrendered to his will, his passion, his melted love and became his…forever


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