Story Time: Girl On Fire- Part 2

The story continues for Min Qiang, where we left her she was just about to enter the Chicks manor to find and eliminate the family who were accused by her superiors that they were a Satanic cult.

Approaching the rather large and decorative front yard of the family manor, Min kept light on her feet her black boots lightly grazing the grass as she tiptoed over to the front door. The scouts for the Cardinal had reported back to her the day before that normally at this time the family weren’t home yet except the children. There was a total of three kids but the eldest were usually out late. Only the youngest daughter remained. The same age as Min, her name was Lotte Chicks. Min rolled her brown eyes as she pulled out a small pocket knife and stuck it into the keyhole of the front door. The daughter would be an easy kill unless she was possessed but that would make it only more fun for the Chinese killer. With a couple of twists Min managed to open the door and slowly push it open.

The only sound echoing around the warm and open home was the music of Bach playing upstairs. There was no statues, no altars to the Devil or even black Wiccan candles that would normally be found burning the corners of cult homes. Min frowned to herself, the family must be hiding their true nature well. So she thought and slowly crept up the stairs towards the music. Walking down the brightly painted hallway, Min took note that Mr and Mrs Chicks were still out as were the elder siblings. Her lips formed a sadistic smile realising that the music must be coming from Lotte’s room. Pushing open the door, she took in the lavender and pale pink room. A young woman sitting with her back to Min reading a thick leather book, Bach coming out of the Ipod doc on the mahogany drawers beside the double bed covered in lace and velvet.

Stepping close to the girl, Min began quoting, her right hand tightening around the stake “Little Lotte, let her mind wander. Little Lotte thought, “Am I fonder of dolls or of goblins or of shoes?” Or of riddles or frocks? Or of chocolates.” The quote was directly from the musical Phantom of the Opera and the girl immediately picked up on it. Gasping out surprised she turned around in her chair to face Min. With a porcelain face and ebony waves of hair that fell to her waist she stared at Min confused and very frightened “Who are you? How you get into my home” Her voice attempted to hold authority and courage but Min knew better. Tilting her head and casually swinging the stake behind her back Min merely gave her a short smile “You do not look like the usual kind that I encounter, but looks are always decieving” Lotte frowned even more confused and this time she took a step back “Please leave my house” Min folded her arms and pouted “You talk too much” using the blunt side of her stake she hit the side of Lotte’s head quickly before the girl reacted. Lotte was out and rendered unconcious on the fluffy white rug laid across the bedroom floor.

Min idly scratched the back of her red hair with her stake before shrugging her shoulders. So the family would return to a burning inferno and realise that their youngest daughter no longer lived. That was surely a plan to call them out and use the cult connections in finding out who destroyed them. Right? Min skipped out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Taking a left she discovered the kitchen and turned on all the gas stoves on high, unlocking the backdoor open she made her way to the gardening shed, taking out the keg full of oil used for the lawnmoner and pulled it back into the house. Dousing every single floor with the petrol, Min stood at the back door of the house, facing into the kitchen, lighting up a single match this time her pursed lips began whistling the theme of the Addams family.

Throwing it into the kitchen she jumped backwards as the match connected with the gas within the kitchen setting off explosions echoing around the house, the ignited cutlery and furniture landing on the petrol in the other rooms that caused a chain reaction setting the house from bottom top ablaze with the flames of cleansing. Min stared into the large burning mass and smiled joyfully. Tucking the stake in her hand back into place on her upper back, she turned around and skipped past the house and down the road. Lights were turning on in the neighbours houses, dogs were staring to bark awakening their masters. The neighbourhood just became aware of the Chicks house destruction.


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