Story Time: Girl On Fire- Part 1

Min Qiang is back and at it again with her pyromaniac and killing ways. The target this time: A rich family who she assumes are really the leaders of the local Satanic cult. Whoops

Her mission in Greece turned out to be a bigger success than she had originally planned. It was all over the news spreading out into the national media. The underground of gangs were in uproar, sources reporting to the other big families that a demoness with red hair had slaughtered the fat Lord and burned his property to the ground. It had made Min laugh crazily and also pout because she strongly believed that she did God’s work not for the Devil. It highly insulted her faith. Now she had recieved word from the ‘Cardinal’ that there was a family in the Mid-west of the United States who said to be harnessing the power of Satan himself. Neighbours had reported lights were on in the early mornings followed by weekly bonfires in their backyard. Chanting and ornaments symbolising the Devil littering the front yard.

This was Min’s new mission to exterminate the Chicks family and all their belongings, cleaning their household in the name of the Father in Heaven. Staying in a rundown motel, Min quickly packed her black knapsack. She had dealt with satanists before, not exactly a smart crowd and usually carried simple shotguns or pistols for weaponry. Some of the women even used their homely kitchen knives for attacking. It had amused Min and only gave her more pleasure to remove them from the face of the planet. Throwing the bag onto her back, she hastily braided her blood red hair to the side and exitted the motel room. Outside a black lacquered car was waiting for her. Sliding into the passenger seat, she threw the driver a wicked smile “The Chicks residence Stefan” The driver was a mere worker for the Cardinal but often accompanied the ‘blessed child’ on her Holy crusades. He obviously found this own guild of “Wise and holy men” to be extreme and clouding this young woman’s mind but said nothing of it. Maybe when he had the balls he would tell Monica of what he thought on her superiors as well as maybe, just maybe admitting his feelings for the crazy Chinese girl.

Pulling up a block down from the street where the target’s home was located, Min quickly jumped out of the car and pushed down the night goggles over her dark brown eyes, she carefully unhooked one of the four wooden stakes from her upper back. Satanists were usually human but Min had to be on the safe side when it came to them should any of the family be posessed by the minor demons. Her stakes were special, said to be from the trees within the Vatican city and dipped in their holy water. It was a divine blessing to have them in her possession.


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