Story Time: Opa! Boom, Boom

Inspired by the picture, I wanted to write a random tale about Min and prove how kookoo this Chinese killer truly is. This is why we don’t mix religion into extremists, they are just like my character as you will read.

Running across the white courtyard, a streak of red quickly dropped several grenades into the water fountain capturing the beauty of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Her booted feet scittering across the pavement as she stuck more explosives to each of the intricately designed pillars that lined the outside of the manor. Finding and killing the leader wasn’t too hard for the redhead Asian woman to hunt down. The leaked source had reported that the Greek boss was quite overweight. Flipping the blood tresses over her porcelain shoulder, the killer or Min Qiang jumped over the garden balcony and ran through the lavish gardens. The detonator was strapped to her left thigh garter and the last target was the patrol guard at the front. It was this station that usually signalled the local authority, an authority that the now deceased Greek lord had connections in controlling their power. It had made Min grit her teeth in disgust at how easily manipulated man could be when a lard ass came charging in holding a suitcase of notes.

Climbing up the stone wall, Min landed on the top perched on the edge like a predator her dark eyes staring at the patrol guard noting two inside. Around her right arm leading down to her wrist was a single black and white rosary. Pushing her hands together, her eyes still locked onto her target she whispered softly with the wind “Our father who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name” Slowly she jumped off the wall and landed into the nearby bushes, crawling towards the small station, her gloved hands clutching onto her M110 sniper and pulling out the scope. Lying flat on her stomach, her right hand holding onto the grip tightly while her left hand adjusted the scope for her to peer through. Min continued the Lord’s prayer in a hushed tone “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven” With her target coming between the crosshairs of her sniper, Min smiled softly she pulled the trigger and released a single bullet.

It hit her target directly into his head, staining the windows with red. His colleague now freaking out and quickly stepping outside. Min rolled her eyes at the stupidity of the guard and reloaded taking another quick shot to end the poor soul’s life. Standing up, she stretched her limbs and picked up her M110, her fingers brushing across her thigh and grabbing the detonator. Walking away from the wall and casually down the silent private street, Min started whistling Ode to Joy skipping in her calf boots, the wooden stakes (yes stakes) strapped to her upper back clunking together as she paused mid step and turned around. Her smile turning psychotic as she lifted the detonator and pressed the red button.

Silence then what sounded like thunder and fireworks mixed together echoed from the centre of the manor and erupting into inferno brilliance. The night sky lighting up as debris was catapulted into the air from the many explosions set down by Min. She merely stood on the spot, her maniac smile revealing her pearly white teeth as she stood proudly. Ode to Joy now rising loudly in her mind.

Raising her rosary bound hand into the air, Min crowed “Hail to our Father, the Almighty!” as the fallen Greek manor continued to burn to the ground.


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