My Writer’s Peeve: Mary Sues

Originally posted on 29th May 2013

I might as well reveal my pet peeves that I have discovered during the years of expanding my vocabulary, my knowledge of the fantasy worlds and getting better in writing style. Today’s peeve is the dreaded Mary Sue, every writer will have come across them especially in the Fanfiction world. One saying comes to my mind when you read about these: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!

Even for me when I started roleplaying on IMVU in 2007 and continued up until now, I can safely say I have read some writer’s self insertion of a better self into their character. Making them so perfect, so awesome with their own fanbase of worshippers/brown nosers when in reality they are just like you and me. Ordinary human 😛 If I find these said characters normally I do tell the roleplayer/writer kindly tweak it and if they don’t believe me, give them that infamous Mary Sue litmus test 😀 I’m doing them a favour!

— Lu


One thought on “My Writer’s Peeve: Mary Sues

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