Diary: Roleplay Vs Reality

Written on my First wordpress on March 28th 2013

Roleplay is my hobby…not my life

Finally after being out or away from the laptop all day because my little sister decided to be a total bitch and hide my puter elswhere -grumbles profanities- I am back here and decided to write this topic since I’m in one and its been a while since I wrote anything other than bursting out creative babbles for you all to read and perhaps chuckle over. I had my first boyfriend when I was 17 and it lasted for 2.5 years, I ended it and came online to do roleplay and my characters got involved in relationships.

Now back then I didn’t know there was certain…protocols or normal rules in the RP world that were preached by others where keeping reality and roleplay was a must in order to keep real feelings out of the complex world that is story relationships. Which also makes you wonder is Love and Sex needed in writing a story, that’s another topic to be talked about but going back to online relationships. I was guilty of the thing we roleplayers call ‘Mixing’ and its probably why I always got in so much trouble with my characters.

When your original characters have a better sex life than you. Something is wrong

It wasn’t until last year did I learn the difference between the two and tried to do the seperating between roleplay and reality. It worked but it seems for those on IMVU, they don’t like it when the female has a bloke in reality that is probably why most of them stay single so they are flexible to be with anyone? I still tried to find someone to roleplay with my stories and I admit until now it has been quite difficult to find someone who just wants to express their passion in writing.

— Lu


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