Fashion Tile: Broken Berry

AnyBody event opened last month I believe and made for all body sizes, shape and mesh appliers, I only went there to get the two items by Holli Pocket, Blueberry has also started making hair! I’m debuting one of them today :D

* *HolliPocket* Broken Ones Suit-Barbie Sheer from anyBody event
* *HolliPocket* On A Tuesday Jeans-Dark Blue 18 from anyBody event
* Blueberry – Alessa – Size 1 – Essentials from Main store
* Pink Acid Heat Matte Lipstick – Red Fire from Main store
* *Epic*  Snowflake Ombre Princess Pumps! {Hot.Pink} from Winter Trend Fair

* .aisling. Dame des Fleurs Hand Silver [R] from Tales of Fantasy
* [geek.] Mishi Headband RARE Silver from Blueberry main store
* .tsg. Berry Bag – Bubblegum *Hand* from Main store
* ::LC:: Elisa Minx Stole [Black] from :: Kustom9 :: current round
* Cute Poison – 8Bit Shades from F R O S T 2014
* LUXE. - Feather Earring – Cotton Candy from :: Kustom9 :: current round
* [PrettyLiar] Glitter Tits Syringe – Strawberry from Suicide Dollz anniversary round

Mood: Frustration

What do you do with a friend who has hurt feelings and you start questioning your own relationships with people, can’t do anything really. Well I can happily say that my friendships with the girls I’ve known quite a while are still quite solid and they are there by my side (thank you girlies) and the new friends I made on Second Life are getting stronger with every day.

It’s just when it comes to boys and feelings, it gets complicated and at times annoying! My long distance relationship after trying is waning to nothing while a friendship of one year is getting muddy. However with new people comes new possible relationships and friendships around the bend so I’m hopeful on that.

– Lu

Second Life: Fashion Tiles Collage

I noticed I have become uh a tad lazy when it comes to posting my Fashion tiles on this blog, before you all got to see one at least every week and now since I changed to becoming more detailed by including the landmarks I have been posting maybe every second week or so?

It’s not because I have lost interest in doing it, no I still love shopping as much as before and making outfits together out of what I buy, it’s just when you get the feeling of it being tedious in finding every landmark for every place that you shop at it can get quite irritating and feel like a task on a job list.

I told myself that because I do not have any sponsors and I buy the products that I desire freely out of my own real life work money that I wouldn’t ever make blogging fashion into a job (I got rl work for that) but like I said before it takes me longer to write up a fashion tile mainly because I’m copying/pasting the landmarks to every item.

Because of this chore-like feeling I have been posting my new outfits on my Second Life facebook (link is at the top) and sharing quick details of each item but not going to the extent of what I do with my Fashion tiles. I will return in doing them but perhaps it won’t be as often as before. For now enjoy my collection of fashion tiles here :D

Diary: Pride in Unity

Despite the clashes of the previous month or two, I recieved a facebook message from one of the girls I used to know (who was part of Nightshift) she knows about the current crisis going on right now here in Sydney and hope that I am safe and that all is well, reading this single message from her gave me a big smile.

We are less than 10 days until Christmas and everyone should be having that feeling of festivity and joy, also she informed me of this hashtag that went viral in the last three hours alone. A user named Sir Tessa started up #Illridewithyou, a sense of Australians unity no matter your race or religion to come together and stand strong- that this event in Martin Place would not make us fear each other or be scared to go out in the public but show we are a strong and defiant country.

Happy to say how proud I am to be born Australian and living here that it takes a single hashtag to bring everyone together, I just hope it continues and not just the latest trend.

– Lu

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Second Life: Missing Elysion

Working PM shifts on the weekend have its pros and cons but the one con that I still pout over is on every Sunday when I work, its when the Elysion parties happen. Because of our daylight saving down under and the U.S going back one hour I can never make it to the parties.

I missed out on this past weekend, the theme was Kinetic Kink- Cybernetic mixed with latex fetish.

I got some pictures of the amaze build that the three managers put up for the two parties but I never got to see what everyone else is wearing unless I go to their Flickr group, they all looked great and just disappointed I wasn’t there to take pictures myself.

Fashion Tile: 1 Hundred Adventures

It is winter in the northern hemisphere and even for us here in Australia our past week has been quite temperamental. So I’ve been in the mood in making warm outfits on SL.

* 1 Hundred. Cutie Cardi 2. Pink from Cleavage
* [geek.] Tinkermine Skirt =SMALL= Blacktop from Main store
* CATWA HAIR Clara Beanie from Market place
* Lovely Disarray – Iilumi Eye Shadow : Glitter from Kawaii Project
* ~Cannibelle~ Crown Jewels Tights – White 1 from Fit for a Princess (old round)
* .tsg.  Gyaru Knee Boots – Rose (small-medium) from Main store

* .tsg. Neko Cosplay Clip-on Tail – Orange Tabby from The Fantasy Gacha (old round)
* .tsg. Shy Megane – Silver *deco* from :: Kustom9 :: (old round)
* Cute Poison - Hush Piercing Silver from Project Limited January 2014
* REIGN. - Darling Ring- Kitty (Silver) from No.21
* Swallow Skully Earrings from TDR
* [7891.] Janvier – Over Body – Pink&Silver from :: Kustom9:: (old round)

Second Life: Miss Independant

I have my ups and downs while on the grid but always at the end you can only rely on yourself to being your own personal entertainment than wait for others to make up their mind or to even answer back. Only today I have been able to do a new blog because my net got capped in the past two days and literally reverted to dial up speed.

Prior to it being capped I have been working a lot of PM shifts and found myself enjoying the company of myself on Second Life unless its the weekend and I’ve been hanging out with Aum on both days.
I’ve been making random outfits from the latest events and new releases from my favourite, cute stores and if they are running, I’ve popped over to the adult sims that are hosting Christmas parties or themed events. It seems because I’m working every Sunday on an afternoon I have been unable to Elysion in weeks :(

Also been perfecting my windlighting and angle technique for photography, I have shared a lot on my Flickr folder and gained new followers for the pretty pics shared. It has become a side hobby that combined with my blogging I can now share with you all.

Fashion Tile: Gumball Princess

Featuring a second look from Geeks n Nerds fair, this outfit was meant to be posted earlier before I started blogging for Krave but here it is now :D Sorry for the wait!

* 1 Hundred. Mercy Top 2. Black from Main store
* * VinCue ~ Fally+Skirt {S} from :: Kustom9 ::
* Blah. (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) Hearts Socks
* *Epic* Glitter Glass Gumball Slippers! {Strawberry} [L] RS from Candy Fair 2014
* TRUTH HAIR Vanya – Browns04Fade
* Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss – Pink from Hello Sunshine Fair 2014

HANUATA* – Taiyaki*Nikuman *PaperBag from Main store

+Half-Deer+ Lovely Little Llama – Glitterpink from Xiasumi School Festival
* Sweet Thing. & darkendStare . Kohai’s Mushroom Friend from Geeks n Nerds Fair
* {FORMANAILS} Accessories – Bracellet SKULL
* .Olive. the Kitty Kat Runa Clip – Pink from Xiasumi School Festival
* ALTAIR* qt backpack ~princess peach~ from Geeks n Nerds fair
* Cae :: Timey Wimey Things :: Necklace from Geeks nNerds fair
* [LOVE SOUL] =Parfait*Chocolate* from Food Main store

Mood: Moron/Baka!

Just got home now and quite glad I have tomorrow off partially because of a very idiotic move that I did today, I’m not sure if I left my headlights on when I parked my car at work this afternoon because when I finished at 11pm tonight and went to unlock the car automatically with my key it did not work…I had to do it manually.

I ended up being in call with my mum to figure out the problem, it wasn’t until I put the keys into my ignition did we realise that my car has a flat battery. Right now I’m feeling so stupid and mentally slapping myself for getting myself stuck in this predicament and feel awful leaving my beloved Rav4 in my work’s carpark (we have no underground parking).

– Lu