Second Life: Return of the Nightmare

Took half of the Night shift two nights ago to go Halloween adventure exploring around the grid, this place was credited by the editors picks in Destinations guide so I decided to check out. I love interactive games on Second Life which is why I enjoyed Kagami so much.

Yume and I met up with Hammer at his Gl!tch store before I teleported the two of them to the start of Return of Nightmare walkthrough, in order to get the full effect of the sim you need to have settings on midnight and sounds up, I had my earphones on as my family were already asleep (we did this after I had a PM shift).

The best part for me was the fact we all got free accessory, our only light in the darkness when going through the game was a pumpkin lit lantern made by the creator Aii, its very cute and only gave more aesthetics to playing the walk through.

There was a fun carousel/circus half-way through the sim that all 3 of us stayed parked on playing gestures for 20mins or so while Yume was AFK, that was a hilarious moment in itself and overall despite scaring ourselves and trying to find the exit- its all in first person view, it was a very well done game.


Fashion Tile: Creepy and Cute

I have yet another dear friend of mine who has her own store and is participating in the Creepy Cutie Carnival on Second Life and has released some items at the event. She made me my own unique pair of dazed anime glasses :D

* SugarPop top (with appliers) from Envious marketplace
* Piper mesh skirt & belt Dark blue-black from Blueberry main store
* Vintage pinup tattoo 2 and slink hands by Paperbag from Vintage & Cool Fair
* Neria [size 2] by Truth Hair from Mystics Fair 2014
* Kiss my lips_Peach light by Mudskin from Chapter 4 (Chapter 17)
* Glitter glass gumball slipper {Strawberry} L by Epic from Candy Fair 2014
* Sweet.Valkyrie wedges! {Hot pink} R by Epic from Big Show

love34bellagioworld: Şuradaki Untitled: We Heart It

* Anime blank pink eyes aviators -RARE- by KRC (gift)
* Kiseru HW (ciggie) by Naminoke from Tengoku no Rakuen Halloween hunt
* Long fluffy tail- White + pink stripes by Half+Deer from Season’s Story- Autumn
* Angel phone pink -RARE- by Miseria from Season’s Story- Autumn
* Pudgies backpack: Baby -RARE- by Mango Cheeks from Season’s Story- Autumn
* {Kupo Army} Kupo-po’ by .:: C.C Kre-ations::. main store gacha
* Princess ring by Yummy from Arcade September round

Marketplace and teleport to her shop’s sim below <3

In-world shop:

PicSpam! Food glorious Foodz

Rєвℓσggιηg ƒσσ∂ ριcтυяєѕ ση му тυмвℓя αт 3αм, уєѕ I ℓσνє тσямєηтιηg муѕєℓƒ >.>

Nom sushi, my favourite dish of all time!

Waffles and a hot drink for breakfast? :3

Healthy snack that still looks so delectable

Or something heavy and meaty?

LL Note: Annual Leave soon

** Announcement **

Going to reveal this now since the next few days will be packed with training going on at work in 2 days time (new principle module for ALL Accor properties) and I don’t think I’ll ever get time to write this up. For my readers, stalkers and casual viewers of the Luci Logs I will be going on my annual leave for a week and a half to the Philippines on the 29th October 2014. It is an exciting family event, not just a reunion of all Filo relatives from all different sides but also the proper birthday party of my grandma’s 90th.

My sister and I will return on November 7th but I’ll still be taking holidays from work, I will recap and post back to everyone with what happen and picture goodies when I return to Australia but this is just a “For your knowledge” :D Thank you for your continuing support and love!

– Lu

PicSpam! The Charmings

Sнαяιηg α ℓσт σƒ ƒαмιℓу ριcѕ ℓαтєℓу мαувє ιт’ѕ вєcαυѕє I тяєαѕυяє му σωη вєуση∂ вєℓιєƒ αη∂ ∂єѕριтє ησт ѕнσωιηg ιт σƒтєη I αρρяєcιαтє αη∂ ℓσνє тнєм αℓℓ ѕσ мυcн

And I just absolutely love the Charming family hugs in Once upon a time! >.<

Mood: Insulted

Man last night was long, I’m just glad I have PM shift today and had time to sleep in before I start work soon. Nobody likes labels and being judgemental is a very human nature thing to do, it hurts the most when coming from people you love and care about especially when it is out of the blue and just before you’re about to pass out after a relaxing night at home.

Even now after my broken sleep I still don’t understand why it was said to me, some of it I do but the main reason behind its intention, still don’t.

– Lu

Second Life: Elysion Voodoo

Worked back late this afternoon but still managed to party for an hour at Elysion today. The theme was going to the bayou and playing with a little voodoo magic. All the regulars were there with Little djing for the remainder of the event.

My outfit is the fashion tile that I made in August when Fantasy collective had its round of Voodoo and swamp theme.
The Fashion tile 

Fashion Tile: The Vintage Piper

October is a busy month for all not just the creators with a new round of events coming out but also for the bloggers myself included. So many events has kept us busy, once again quite relieved its not what I full time do on Second Life otherwise I’d go nuts!

* Brenty lace- Barbie by Holli Pocket from Vintage & Cool Fair
* Mini Shorts/Blue by BabyDoll from old Candy shop round.
* Noir cuff right angle
* Aviva 2 (LoveJugs 2) from Truth main store
* Lip shine basics- Cherry by Pink Acid from The Appliers fair
* Glitter glass gumball slippers {Hot pink} by Epic from Candy Fair 2014

* Bindi- Elena Steel by Pekka from Body Modification fair October
* Pan Pipe by MishMish from Collabor88- Odyssey
* Little pan companion- Dark from Collabor88- Odyssey
* Kawaii hazard skateboard {Hot pink} from Epic main store
* Neko man maccha mouth piece by Naminoke from Body Modification fair October
* Smaug tail- Pink/White by Geek from Mystics Faire
* Sweetheart necklace- Hot pink by The Sugar Garden from Candy Fair 2014

PicSpam! Skywalker Familia

I нα∂ α Sтαя Wαяѕ мαяαтнση ραѕт ωєєк ωнєη I ωσякє∂ PM ѕнιƒт αη∂ ωαѕ ση тυмвℓя ѕєαяcнιηg Sкуωαℓкєя ƒαмιℓу, тнє “Wнαт ιƒ Aηαкιη ∂ι∂η’т тυяη вα∂” αη∂ тнιѕ ιѕ σηє яєѕυℓт



Milestone: 300 Followers

Yesterday my friend Hammer made his own fashion blog for Second Life on here and started following me it wasn’t until I checked my stats that I realised I had only 2 more followers until I capped 300 followers. I sent a notice out on my Luci Logs fb page letting everyone know that the milestone was close at hand and suddenly boom! When I was in bed my email notified me I got 3 new followers which means I have 302 followers!!! It took a year but I’m almost at the same area as the original Luci Logs :D

Followers: 303
Page hits: 6,061
Likes: 1337+

Ƭнαηк уσυ σηє, тнαηк уσυ αƖƖ fσя уσυя ѕυρρσят αηɗ кιηɗηєѕѕ

– Lu

Second Life: Notting Hill

Featured on Love to Decorate blog, they made a post about this quaint village sim that is usually private/residents only community. It is open to the public until the 18th and using my windlighting settings yet again on Firestorm came up with amazing photos from the place.

It is a classy and well made sim for those who like detail when exploring sims on the grid mixing small apartment complex with a cafe on the corner and wealthy cars sitting on the streets in front of the buildings. There is also a playground in the centre of the village along with open fire for social mingling among the neighbours.

* Outfit is by Ninety, lipstick by Nox, ribcage earrings by Forever Young gacha all from Bloody Horror fair, hair piece by Naminoke from Body Modification fair and umbrella by Cubic Kreations from Candy Fair 2014.