Mood: Hot

I’m back on my weekend again and omg why is it so hot, I mean yes its only 33 degrees outside and tomorrow is going to be much worse with its incoming temperate of 40 degrees by midday (guess I’m hanging out in the shopping centres to stay cool ><) but it just made me think about the Philippines trip and the beaches with black sand and the resort pool of course. I don’t want to get darker tan though, no way!

I’m back to work on Saturday morning so I’m thinking of going out tonight to the city since I can’t stay out late tomorrow, early bedtime again -sigh-

– Lu

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Fashion Tile: Chou Candy Casual

All the cute events are opening up this month and I’m making sure I’m attending them all and getting what I want! This outfit is a mixture of items from both Kustom9 and Kawaii project. The bra is part of a corset but turned it into a top.

* Chou candy bra by Violent Seduction from Kawaii Project
* Lace shorts/Pink by Babydoll from Candy Shop
* Tulip hair from Truth hair main store
* Chu~ Dango (tan) gloss lips from The Sugar Garden main store
* Iilumi eyeshadow- Antique by Lovely Disarray from Kawaii Project
* Drippy stockings- Pink by Static
* Pawprint geta shoes by The Sugar Garden from Xiasumi School Festival
* Sexy fur stole- Rose S from T*Whore main store

* Rozen eyepatch (pink) by Violent seduction from Kustom9
* Floral harness (black) by Violent Seduction from Hello Sunshine fair
* Hush piercings by Cute Poison
* Silver rose pendant- Pink by Yummy from Collabor88

PicSpam! Barbie Rapunzel

Ɓαявιє RαρυηzєƖ нαѕ gσттα вє σηє σf му fανσυяιтє мσνιєѕ ιη тнє cσƖƖєcтιση, ραятιαƖƖу cαυѕє ѕнє ιѕ α cяєαтινє cнαяαcтєя αηɗ fιєяcє ѕριяιт. ǀ cαη яєƖαтє тσ нєя συт σf αƖƖ тнє cнαяαcтєяѕ ιη тнє fιƖмѕ.

Diary: What’s going on

I forgot to update everyone on what’s going on in my life right now, that sore ache I had in the back of my right jaw was not my wisdom teeth, in fact the teeth are quite fine and coming out nicely and not impacting (so far) and the pain is caused from an ulcer in my gum. My usual dentist gave them a good clean plus extra strong mouth wash I need to take daily to help ease the ulcer down. That was end of last week, happy to say I don’t feel it anymore :D

Then last Friday on the 14th November I met up with my bestie MeiMei in the city, it was simply amazing because I haven’t seen the dear woman in 3 months! And that is quite long for two girls who normally hang out, every second week on their days off. We caught up about everything both my Second life and my Phils holiday, I also gave her small pressies from the trip. I was so happy to see her, I was having withdrawal symptom in not seeing the one woman who can handle all my facets. I returned home with a sore throat from laughing, talking so loud.

Also interesting things are taking place on the grid since my return, you learn who your friends are and who is using you as a social climber, those that has heard me tell my past mistakes and the drama I had before, those are my closest forever!

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Do it in a Dress

Lately my inspiration for blogging new outfits has been somewhat dismal, perhaps its related to the durama I’ve been getting in-world the past few days or my creativity outlet has ventured to other ideas, regardless I got a new one for you today and for good cause!

* Vintage school dress Red from Junbug main store
* Royal.shoe (Black) from Pixicat main store
* Posy hair from Truth main store
* Lip glaze- Jelly red from Pink Fuel main store
* Vintage pinup slink tattoo by Paperbag from Vintage & Cool Fair


* Ritz handbag- Pink (forearm) by *BOOM* from Kustom9
* Bookset diary from DMD main store
* Megane classic *Deco* Black by The Sugar Garden from Kustom9
* Kanzashi tsumami- Mixed from The Sugar Garden main store

Juno- The owner of [+Junbug+] Fantasy/Vintage/Fashion store has started up a charity event that lasts until 7th December 2014, it is a simple cause to provide school uniforms for the young girls in Africa. She is selling five dresses in different colours all for 250 lindens each (you can give more if feeling generous) and all purchases go to her charity.

More info here:

Mood: Scared

For the past 3 days while enjoying my annual leave at home and not doing much other than domestic chores and being on Second Life, my wisdom tooth on the right side of my jaw has finally decided to start coming out of my gum and omg it’s hurting like hell! And me when it comes to pain or panic mode I tend to google about it when trying to understand the issue and of course I see procedures for wisdom tooth extraction and I start flailing, my friends catch my flailing mode tonight and quite glad mum decided to text me (she still in Philippines).

– Lu

Diary: Philippines Trip Recap

Might as well do my travel summary considering that it’s been 3 days since I came back home to Sydney. It was my first annual leave in 2 years since I had even gone on a holiday with my busy schedule of hotel work, this trip was first planned by my dad to have a reunion of all the relatives back in the Philippines and my aunts decided to add my grandma’s 90th birthday into the mix.

About 10 of us all left in the afternoon flight from Sydney to Manila that was delayed on the 29th October 2014, my family together had at least 7 bags packed one that was empty (for all the shopping to be done). The flight was smooth sailing and we checked into Ascott Manila around 11pm. Needless to say for a girl who likes her sleep-in and not a morning girl, we had to wake up around 6-7am sometimes 5am to catch flights or to go and do things with the whole family.

The schedule itself in my dad’s hometown/province of Antique for those 5-6 days it was jam packed full of different agenda that included 3 different parties for family members including my own mum.
Throughout the trips we all had ours ups and downs, family quarrells and stress to make sure we all had an enjoyable and memorable experience in Antique, it was learning curves and at the end of the trip when I returned home with my younger sister on the 6th November 2014 I can happily say I’m glad I went and got time off from working so much. Despite it being so gruelling I’m glad I did it.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Neko Miko Maiden

I am back from holidays and releasing my first fashion tile for this month, being away for 10 days made me miss on a lot of previews for the upcoming events especially the big one such as Xiasumi School Festival.

* Sexy Miko dress- Bubblegum by The Sugar Garden from Xiasumi
* Chained heart pumps- pink by Blah.
* Demelza hair from Truth hair main store
* Scarlet- Matte lips from Pink Fuel main store
* Salem- Nyx eyeshadow by Nox from Cosmetics Fair October 2014

* Good kitty collar- Black from The Sugar Garden main store
* School canteen food- Orange juice by B,C.C from Xiasumi
* Nekomimi maid white by Altair from Xiasumi
* White neko tail by Sweet Thing. from Oneword: Cats
* Fuzzball bear (hold) Electric pink by MishMish from Collabor88: Miami Electric
* Fountain pen of pure heart gold by Cila from RMK Halloween market
* Flutter fancy- Rainbow Wings *Group Gift* from Buttery Toast main store

Second Life: Elysion’s Renaissance Faire

Costume: La Belleza in Viola by JunBung, Elyan tiara by Aisling, lipstick by Pink Fuel, Sprinkle choker by Wimey, hair by Magika

I had this expectation that when I got home from my 10 day family trip in the Philippines everything would fit back in place and I’d be happily hanging out with my friends on the grid. How wrong I was! For the past 2 days I have been on my own unless hanging out with Yume or Aum, Hammer is at Blizzcon in the U.S and he’s the one I hang out with most of the time but he’s not even in the country.

So I was looking forward to this weekend’s party at Elysion, despite the fact my wireless is quite poor and I’m not sure why even with the extender turned back on, I managed to take a couple of photos from the event including what I wore today.

Sullen was the first dj for the night and thankfully it wasn’t as packed as other parties I’ve attended so two hours later everyone had loaded and I got some pictures taken down for this blog.