Diary: Finding the Right Mindset

On this day off while I had my avatar parked at Elysion for their slumper party/dream theme event I was technically away from the laptop and going through my basket of laundry with my mum. It is 4 weeks until the whole family (dad’s side) are returning to the Philippines for my grandma’s 90th birthday. Yes we celebrated it with a mini party at her apartment last month but this reunion will be the big one, a huge party with at least 200 relatives not just from Australia and the United States.

Because of this, I have to start planning and going through my summer wardrobe and see if anything fits since the beginning of this year…unfortunately most of it does not fit because I have gained far more than I originally thought. Mum made me try on every item in the basket both tops and pants while trying to salvage a wardrobe. I have to start sharing her wardrobe for the trip while also buying new clothes to match the tops that still fit.

It has been an eye opener to say the least and starting today I’ve been weening off the sugar, it’s difficult because I know for a fact that if I don’t have sugar I become quite an aggro woman to everyone around me. But always baby steps right.

– Lu

PicSpam! Cowabunga Dudeeee

I ωαѕ gσιηg тσ яєνιєω тнє TMNT мσνιє тнαт I ѕαω тσηιgнт вυт ιт нαѕ נυѕт cσмє συт нєяє ιη Aυѕтяαℓια αη∂ I ∂ση’т ωαηт тσ ѕρσιℓ ιт ƒσя αℓℓ σƒ уσυ :D
Take your pick: Katana blades, Sai, Nunchucks, or Bo Staff? #TMNTMovie #NowPlaying
I don’t know why there was negative feedback or people picking on the storyline and CGI I personally found it quite good and very glad that Michael Bay with all his fetish for explosions he was quite tame for this movie. It IS keeping to the tone of kid friendly but that did no diminish the excitement of the film.

I would give it 10/10 but maybe I’m biased and I grew up watching this show along with the other classic shows of the 90s.

Second Life: Pirates Life for Elysion

Another Elysion party has passed this weekend and we have all drowned and partied in a cave surrounded by the Kraken that ruined our ship. Perhaps the reason is because our captain Syn is in fact a seahorse for this party xD

The music was amazing despite the lag because everyone had so much detailed attachments and animation overrides.

The only ‘problem’ that was present at the party was because the Fantasy Gacha Carnival had recently finished a lot of the girls were wearing the pirate wench outfits made by Alchemy and Birdy. When it came to costumes there was plenty of repeats in just different colours.

Diary: Mother-Effin Princess

An Event epicdemic has started since it ticked to September 1st including the ever famous and popular The Arcade. I am quite proud of myself, I managed to get in on opening day! :D I also went to Candy Shop, Kings and Queens and Oneword

* Glamor Dress tango applier on top by 1 Hundred from Kings & Queens
* Queen Bee socks white/pink by :BAD: from Kings & Queens
* Dreamcatcher- Fresh tattoo from Identity main store
* Daffodil hair from Magika marketplace
* Lace me bow pumps [Hot pink] by Epic from Kings & Queens

* Kings Cookie [Strawberry] backpack by Pr!ck from Kings & Queens
* Forests tale- Petals and pearls bracelet pink by Half+Deer from The Arcade September
* Puss (Girl) Companion RARE by Alchemy/Birdy from The Arcade September
* Sir Fluffybutt collar- Black by Buttery Toast from Oneword: Kitties
* Bun bun bunny white clip by Altair from Candy Shop
* Bun bunny clip by Altair from Candy Shop
* BDSM Symbols Slink: Fingernail appliers by N.K.K marketplace

Now for this post alone since I also did furniture shopping for my quaint cottage, I re-made my blogging desk into something girly yet still keeping to my style
 photo decorsign_zps20434942.png

* Meow chair- Princess by Fetch from Oneword: Kitties
* Workspace- Computer RARE by Tres Blah from The Arcade September
* Workspace- Gold lamp by Tres Blah from The Arcade September
* Workspace- Inspiration Board by Tres Blah from The Arcade September
* Workspace- Coloured pencils by Tres Blah from The Arcade September

Diary: A Good Family Night

I been doing AM shift for the past 4 days and got the next two days on PM shift before I’m back to weekend on next Monday and Tuesday. Tonight my family and I meaning just mum, dad, younger sister and I drove to the city and had dinner and dessert to celebrate an early father’s day because I’m working on Sunday. It turned out to be a great night we didn’t come back home until 10:30pm and despite the on/off weather and drop of degrees it was fantastic.


– Lu

Second Life: Cirque Dark Delights

This past Sunday I had my day off and was yet another themed party at Elysion. The theme was Fetish circus so anything related to the Big top or your own personal kinks was allowed to be worn.

Syn was the one who made the build this time round and the amount of detail she added was exquisite. It was an actual circus tent complete with a centre and big headliners as well as suspended swings in the air for the acrobats of the lounge. It had horses that you could sit on and smaller tents for couples to retire to and relax while the djs continued to spin their music.

Though I had slept in quite a bit so it took an hour for everybody to load completely we had over 80 people on sim and only two did not participate (probably too busy fornicating in that corner of the main building :P) it was a great turn-out and now we all anticipating next weekend’s theme which is called Shipwrecked aka Pirates and mermaids.

Fashion Tile: Voodoo Child

The Fantasy Collective has opened a new round and new theme for bloggers and roleplayers alike. This time we are heading to the bayou of Louisiana and conjuring up some voodoo magic! Featuring a whole new look for this kind of sorcery.

* Breeze bikinis (Lola) Black by Forever Young
* Prudence Draped skirt Crow by Valentina.E from The Fantasy Collective
* Prudence long velvet skirt by Valentina E from The Fantasy Collective
* Voodu w/o symbol tattoo by Little Prickes from The Fantasy Collective
* Goth lips 24 by Pekka from Dark Styles Fair 2014
* Jezebel- Small Brunettes by Spellbound main store
* Witchcraft nail applier for slink hands by MiaMai from The Fantasy Collective

* Roots of the Bayou staff by :SH: from The Fantasy Collective
* Bonnwi mask (hers) bleached by *BOOM* from The Fantasy Collective
* Bonnwi collier (hers) bleached by *BOOM* from The Fantasy Collective
* Tortuga princess armbands by Aisling from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* Eris earrings silver by *BOOM* from Collabor88 August 2014
* Supernatural pentacle necklace steel by Pekka from The Fantasy Collective
* Spellbook with Orbe by May’s Soul from The Fantasy Collective

Diary: End of Winter Reflection

Today was a glorious 21 degrees celsius here in Sydney and the sky was blue after five days of rain day and night. It is also the last day of winter for us in the southern hemisphere and all of us are gearing up and excited for the approach of Spring and Summer. All the while this is happening I’m enjoying my day off with the Circus party at Elysion followed by dinner tonight with mum’s side of the family.

Thinking over the past three months a lot has happened in reality and plenty of things have evolved in the virtual world of Second Life. There is much less negativity and there is more growth and good news floating around all sides of my life. Listing them roughly off the top of my head;

* Promotion to duty manager in work
* Winning the 10 week enrollment challenge also at work
* Gaining and solidifying friendships on Second Life
* My boyfriend Ian becoming an Area manager for his job
* Having 9 days off and being able to celebrate my grandma’s (dad side) 90th birthday

We have also passed halfway through the year and up to Month 9 kinda crazy how each year keeps flying when before I was just thinking of how my work changed from Crowne Plaza to Novotel. According to the grapevine within work we are doing the official launch of our hotel as Novotel at the end of September I am excited for it but also nervous because all the head honchos are coming to our lil corporate hotel :D

– Lu

Second Life: Home Sweet Home

It is perhaps the most overused phrase around the world but it is still appropriate even for a virtual house on Second Life. Last time I posted about my cottage in Savoy sim it was a couple of months ago, a lot has changed since that time with the exception of granted more prims to work with.

The entrance is still the same with a side door and the main entrance but the owner of Savoy has converted the entire sim into a beach looking area so I have more sand than grass on the ground. I placed a picnic blanket on the floor for my avatar to do paints and a cheese platter to snack. On the stairs I also have a lil mushroom house for fairies and by the main door I got 3 pet mice.

Inside the house you have the living room to the left and kitchen/dining area to the right before it was quite bland minus a tray of cupcakes on the kitchen tops now it is much more interactive with the purchases of appliances from Aphrodite’s shop/marketplace.

I now have an expresso machine that gives you all sorts of coffee after you press a button to turn it on and retrieve a mug from it. Then I also have a toaster which serves sandwiches, toast, croissants, bagels and even bruschetta! Next to that I have a milkshake maker for yummy drinks and a microwave that cooks you quick bites and junk food for lunch example my avi was eating a hot dog the other day like real life me :D

Going past the kitchen and into the next room over where my bedroom is located, everyone knows how many times I have re-arranged, taken and added items to my blogging desk in-world and this is no exception. Some things have been removed and others have been kept. Tiny geisha dolls from the recent Fantasy Gacha carnival are now present.

The most recent addition to my bedroom is by the beanbag facing the flat screen tv, scattered on the floor are letters and mail made by creator Plethora as well as a new plushie (yes I love collecting them in-world as much as I do in real life). Its a bunny by Silent sparrow marketplace.