LL Note: 1 Year old Blog

** Announcement **

This is quite a special day for me after logging into my blog after work tonight :) Today I got the notification from WordPress that I have been on this website for a year.
So for each of my 282 followers a huge thank you for following me still all the way especially those who have been with me since Day 1.

Though it is a different kind of posting no longer roleplay blogs or stories and I had to cease the erotic poetry because that got me in trouble with the first Luci Logs I have still enjoyed my posts here on this second LL and I’m glad you the readers like them too :D Here is hoping to many more days of fashion tiles, diary entries of my reality and boyfriend bliss to come!

Tнαηк уσυ

– Lu

Second Life: Kagami Event

It started off as simple exploration of a well done sim with my two friends Hammer and KD, it evolved into walking through those red shrine gates with the sim HUD on and playing a game that is very similar to a quest on World of Warcraft. It made the gamer in me cheer happily.

かがみ/Kagami is a Japanese horror event occuring all of August that tells a unique story of two sisters seperated each other between life and death. The word alone means ‘Mirror’ and is highly interactive for all Second Life users.

There are kitsune dotted around the shopping mall where there are plenty of products to choose from. Noted creators such as Cubic Kreations, Cerberus Xing, Naminoke. Most of the visitors including myself all got dressed up for the occassion in draping kimonos and samurai garbs.
To participate in the game your avatar has to be under 1MB to save yourself the lag (and in some parts during the game there are laggy ends). Wearing the HUD you enter through the gates and into the tunnel, you also have to allow the HUD to control your camera angle and teleport you at every appropriate time.

There are 2 parts of the game and you have to re-enter the shrine to play Part 2. I personally enjoyed Part 2 because it is when the spirits are already hosting their festival and everything is lit up and colourful.

Fashion Tile: Too Many Bags?

Oh very overdue for a fashion tile, actually overdue in blogging on here as a whole (now I’m glad I don’t have sponsors with a bloody deadline sheesh). Anyway this is a spur of the moment not featuring any events in particular just a lot of bags

* Mesh Cute-Tee {Mr Cuppycake} from Epic Main store
* French shorty [GreendeR] by Pr!ck from Candy Shop Round 2
* Jinx LoveJugs 2 hair from Truth Hair main store
* Crown Jewel Tights- White by Cannibelle from Fit for a Princess old round
* Lipstick light [satin] Red from Pink Fuel main store
* Shock Shadow- Smokey by Nox from Cosmetics Fair 2014
* Drip drop hand manicure by #Adored from Big Show Round 10

* Melty heart.Lock necklace from Epic main store (for Enchantment: Bluebeard event)
* Once upon a time- Long haul messenger bag by *BOOM*
* Headband Rosa by Muka from Hello Sunshine Fair
* The Unexpected Wife belt from Aisling main store (for Enchantment: Bluebeard event)
* Ice cream bag- milk by Zenith from Dream Factory
* Num num cookie bag (in mouth) by Tentacio from The Arcade June 2014
* Black earphone+tapeman by Soy from Kustom9
* Flowery mini bag {Pink} by Imeka from The Season’s Story Summer round
* Keitai flip phone beary-san pink by The Sugar Garden from The Arcade June 2014

Bdays: Mama’s 90th!

On Friday 15th August, my grandma on dad’s side; the Matriarch of the Moscoso clan turned 90! She is literally 10 years away from being 100 :O A mother, grandma, great-grandma of many talents, compassion and love for her ever growing family. She has been by all our sides and given us all her special touch and devotion plus experience with the world. Despite her arthritis in her hip on her birthday she didn’t let it spoil her night yesterday with the family visiting her apartment. Because of my 9 days off I was quite fortunate to go there myself and spend time with the relatives.

Happy birthday again Mama <33

- Lu

Second Life: Kuroken

Fantasy Gacha Carnival has started once again this month and this time they have kept to a simple theme of Viking, Pirate or Asian. I managed to get in on opening day and got a couple of things including rares.

But I wasn’t the only who went shopping there, Hammer joined me and because we bought so much from playing the gachas had tons of extras to send out to our friends.

We went to various sims and Hammer put his photography skills to use and was also joined by our friend KD who also dressed up as a ninja in his newly transferred FGC items.

Taken at Kowloon, Hong Kong sim with the three of us. I made two Asian outfits from the items bought, I have this black one and another red outfit which will be featured soon once I buy a hair from Collabor88 latest round.

Mood: Mixes of It

Today is Day 3 of my nine days off from work, quite enjoying the laid back attitude until I start doing the activities with relatives from both New Zealand and Philippines soon this weekend. But starting yesterday I been finally watching the episodes of legendary Doctor Who.

I did a marathon of all 9th Doctor episodes yesterday finished at 4am and went to bed, this afternoon from 4pm I started watching Ten. Oh gosh, I can understand why girls love him so much!

– Lu

Diary: Departure of a Comedian Great

Yesterday the world discovered the sudden loss of comedian great Robin Williams, today it was officially confirmed as suicide in his family home. He was only 63. It has surprised me and left me dumbfounded for I grew up with this man on my tv and movie screens.

He was the Genie in Aladdin when I was a child, Bicentennial man, the rebellious teacher in an all boy school, the lady babysitter, the fast growing kid and President Roosevelt in the museum. Despite his own inner demons that eventually won him over, he was a man that randomly dropped into comedy clubs and shared his happiness and laughter.

R.I.P to a man of gold and who never stopped sharing his positive energy to the world.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Mulberry Mix

Well then this posting look for wordpress changed in just 2 days since my last post? I’m not sure whether to like it or not :/ It seems off to me. Anyway outfit today is all about purple :P

* Offshoulder top- Catmagic by Flipmode from Suicide Dollz
* Lola applier- Maelynn dress- dark- Black by Forever Young from Lubbly Jubblies 
* My lil slutty skirt in violet by L!ke from Suicide Dollz
* Haven hair browns04fade from Truth hair main store
* Fuchscia lipstick 24 by Pekka from Dark Styles Fair
* White armwarmers from Envious mainstore
* Punk white stockings from Whore mansion main store
* Black shoes by Gallium main store

* Jezebel gemstone headchain from Spellbound main store
* Itty Bitty pygmy goat- Mulberry by Half+Deer from The Season’s Story Summer
* The Unexpected wife belt from .Aisling. main store
* The Good wife ring from .Aisling. main store
* Kitty ears re-colourable from Pr!tty marketplace
* Naughty Gacha Lilac necklace by SALT from Lubbly Jubblies

Second Life: Dark Creatures of Elysion

Yesterday before my PM shift, Elysion had yet another fantastic themed party in their sim. It was ‘Dark Creatures’ so anything that is winged, hooved, fantasy looking was invited to this particular party.

I had slept in by a couple of minutes but managed to still arrive. The loading surprisingly for all the detail that everyone wore did not take me long :)

The room was simply done up with a lot of magical runes scrawling in blue on the cavern walls and we all danced in misty waters. The three owners were close to the dj spinning the first hour was Darq. The boss lady Syn was dressed up as a Harpy queen, manager Sullen was a siren and his girlfriend Kadlin was a demonic sorceress of sorts. The costumes varied including my friends being present.

Hammer was a bulky brown centaur and still had the pygmy goat sitting on his right shoulder. Our costumes were mostly made up of items we won from the current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

It started off with 60+ people on the sim all crammed inside the glowing caves of the party room before easing off to a comfortable 30 or so people in the second hour. Though not as energetic or packed as previous parties it was still a well done party especially for newcomers who joined the lounge that day.