Fashion Tile: Gourmet Tour

Most of the clothes featured have been shown before and this is perhaps more so me showing off my pictures taken at one of my favourite SL destinations: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe but regardless here.

* Feeling so numb coral top by Holli Pocket main store
* Unbuttoned shorts S Dark blue by Blueberry waffle marketplace
* Serene hair in brown by Magika marketplace
* Shimmer summer lip gloss- Punch by Pink Acid from The Cosmetics Fair July 2014
* Holding on Shrug S sheer by Holli Pocket main store

* Black Megane classic {Deco} by The Sugar Garden from The Season’s Story July 2014
* Choco donut by IxINoel from Atelier Kreslo Donut festival
* Wonderland necklace by Cute Poison from One Word Wonderland
* Fooli Camera White (decor) by ::LP:: from The Season’s Story July 2014

Boyfriend Bliss: Protective Neko

I may be the submissive/Neko in this relationship but it does not make me any less weak, in fact it makes me stronger. Long distance relationships are known for trial and error plus plenty of obstacles thrown at the couple who are striving to see each other but when there are situations that occur that one of them cannot help…doesn’t it drive you mad!

This evening when I got home from work, I got sent a viber message from Ian. It was a photo message showing patched up scar on his upper forehead, he then went on to tell me he got attacked by a neighbour because he knocked on their door and said they were too loud. The neighbour had a bat! Ian is a British soldier so very good in defense but was caught off guard.

Seeing the pictures got me very worried but at the same time very, very…pissed!! That’s my boyfriend you fucking attacked >.<

– Lu

Second Life: Urban Photography

Location is within a dark, grunge sim; A favourite for the boys to take photos whether punk inspired, post Apocalypse and even gangster. The below photos of me are all taken by Hammer, he is happy snapping better than mine and doesn’t need effects!

On most sims that are shared with everyone, you cannot rez items to the ground such as unpacking shopping bags and loading poses and props for photos however on this sim we were quite lucky that I could. I bought 5 katana poses to go with my ‘Urban’ ninja’ theme.

Mood: Unimpressed

50 Shades of Grey official trailer was released yesterday and so many older woman and young started either fangirling or whining how Jamie Doran was not who they wanted as the male protagonist. For me I never read the book nor do I intend to after finding out that the author originally made it her x-rated version of Twilight’s Edward and Bella, yeah no sorry!

The social webs have gone mad with it, whether loving it or hating it but I’m feeling indifferent to it and perhaps these gifts from the Huffington post is the best explaination on my reaction to the trailer. All I’m thinking is Why did they make a shit book into a film?! But that can be said on many others too :P

– Lu

Fashion Tile: Okinawa Donut

I haven’t done a fashion post in long time, partially because I been lazy to write one up I got the pictures just not the actual tile, I’m so sorry for those who read this particular segment in my blog! >.< This outfit is inspired by the Okinawa Summer Festival that started on July 18th

* White avia bandeau by Forever Young from The Candy Shop
* Flare skirt May by Solitude from Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
* Meadow hair in brown by Magika marketplace
* Felicite cherry blossom koi body tattoo by Taoix main store
* Jakki lip gloss- Punch by Pink Acid from The Cosmetics Fair July 2014

Apple Cinnamon Donuts

* Black Megane classic {Deco} by The Sugar Garden from The Season’s Story July 2014
* Dreams wrist in pink by Alchemy from The Secret Affair July
* Formula necklace by Cae from Level Up
* Rose ring by Imeka from Chapter 4
* Choco donut by IxINoel from Atelier Kreslo Donut festival
* Summer tumbler- Sakura by Amitomo from Okinawa Summer Festival

Hammer and I love our donuts from Atelier Kreslo’s Donut Festival opened this month, bringing our sweet treats with us to the Cheeky Tiramisu cafe

Second Life: Trekkers

Hammer has been excelling in his photography and last week we went exploring to two different sims that are situated side by side.

They are Mt Everest and Grand Canyon, I have been to the Grand Canyon in reality back when I was 11 years old but unfortunately we could not do much due to so much fog filling up the ravines. On SL however I was able to do many activities mostly horse back riding while Hammer was taking the shots.

I took my pygmy puff Snow with me during the climb to the summit of Mt Everest, thank goodness she’s got warm fur

Gliding in the canyon while checking out what mischief I can get up to

Making our way down from the summit of Everest and Hammer found the most picturesque spot for his photos

Lunch time at the cliff overlooking the river and grand manors on the canyon floor

Mood: Achieved

It has finally happened after all that struggle, the arguments, the cold reactions from the Assistant front office manager it took me a year but I am finally where I want to be career wise…and it’s only getting better. Two days ago on my afternoon shift I got called into the General manager’s office.

He asked me a single question what did I want to do from here and I bluntly told him, I wish to be duty manager. The best part of our conversation is that he said yes and would get the Human resources manager to send me training modules to be a manager.

So it took 3.5 years from being a Guest service agent to becoming a manager/team leader/Front office ambassador, finally this girl is moving up in the hotel industry and doing something better for herself!

– Lu

Second Life: 1 Years Old

This should have been done on the 16th July when my Rez day actually occurred but oh well I’m doing it right now. I had PM shift on that day and when I got home Hammer had told me of a masquerade sim to take pretty pictures at but I had to dress up. I had done my shopping at the Secret Affair before work and got to wear Aisling‘s Rose Valentine dress and a pink rose eyepatch from Alchemy‘s gacha at the event.

Hammer teleported to a sim I did not recognise and what a major surprise I got when I accepted it. There was at least 25 people in the outdoor area, the room was grey but loaded to be pink/black and theme of Alice in Wonderland!  My big sister Lexy hosted it in her apartment and organised a surprise Rez day for me between her and Hammer.

It was mostly Hammer’s idea and he managed to send out invitations to the friends that I knew to be dressed up in masquerade costumes and be at Lexy’s place at this hour. He had organised it for a month now and he and Lexy were the dj at my party. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and incredibly touched by what the two did for me.

Never in my SLife or reality did I have a surprise birthday thrown for me and the amount of people who showed up or even sent messages to be passed on show how much they truly cared for me.

The turn out of friends despite the time zone difference was amazing and I thank every single person who showed up, for the 2hrs that the party lasted I have never been so much blessed and fortunate to have all of them in my Second Life.