Fashion Tile: Easter Treasures

Spring is this week and a lot of mini events have opened this month amongst the monthly and bi-weekly regulars that everyone are queing up to teleport inside. Today I went Happy Bunny Gacha and as a lover of accessories I was happy with my purchases.

* Mercy black top by One Hundred from 100 Block
* Holding on Shrug Sheer by Holli Pocket from 100 Block
* Bend Me Over Leo Cream skirt with bows by Holli Pocket from Whore Couture 3
* Lyma browns4fade hair by Truth hair main store
* Wild full thick eyelashes upper by Maxis Gossamer accessories main store
* April hair clip by Truth hair main store

* Karina court large and small rings by Maxis Gossamer accessories main store
* Sandy+Platty hot pink shoes by Vincue from Season’s Story
* Tulip Sailor Moon wand by ISON from Cutie Moon Fair
* Bunny mesh bag necklace Pink/White -RARE- by Sovrin from Happy Bunny Gacha
* Easter egg porcelain earrings by Free Bird from Happy Bunny Gacha
* Bunny Basket 5 by Infinity from Happy Bunny Gacha

Second Life: Zombie Derby

My weekend is here and I had Elysion‘s zombie derby happening from my 1pm, everyone except two showed up in costume and the sore losers were told off by Syn. Wearing blood on your face though dressed like a slut is not “in costume” Wth >.<

All the regular patrons of the lounge were there at the 8pm session with Syn spinning the first hour followed by Kadlin. Though I admit now the turn out wasn’t as massive as Fetish ball and Garden of Eden last week. Which just proves how we all perverts and prefer anything kinky or naked :P Yes I know, says the girl having an underboob top that reads “Come here and take off my lipgloss”.

Fashion Tile: Pastels of Spring

I am combining two outfits into one post since they are both similar in colour, designs and are both from either Collabor88 or Season’s Story that have the theme of Spring time. Also seeing sneak previews for Kustom9 (opening April 15th) I have a feeling that event will also be about Easter/Spring.

Yummy Ice-Cream
* Laura dress in pink by Aisling from Season’s Story
* Nude Pearl stone egg necklace-bag by Zenith from Season’s Story
* Sweet Ice-cream 07 by Imeka from Season’s Story
* Fleur browns hair by Truth from Season’s Story

High Tea
* Spring Bear dress by Atomic from Season’s Story
* Indiana’s roses pink by Aisling from Season’s Story
* April browns hair by Truth from Collabor88
* Maylea necklace pink in silver by LaGyo from Collabor88
* Romantic bouquet pink rose by VCO from Season’s Story

Bdays: Daddy’s 6.6

Though I could not go to the joint birthday party of my cousin Justine and my dad’s last night, I have today off so it means I can still go out with the fam and have a yummy dinner at our usual spot (the RSL lol). But this post is just a simple greeting to the first King in my love, the man who never ceases to love me, encourage and give ideas for his eldest daughter. I love you so much daddy, hope you enjoying this relaxing Sunday birthday <3

- Lu

Fashion Tile: Bunny Bomber

This was suppose to be posted yesterday after I did the diary entry but I was too tired. So here it is, featuring clothes from Season’s Story, Collabor88 and Big Show. I had fun with putting together this outfit, the bunny bomber jacket is the must have item!

* Good weather halter in sugar by *BOOM* from Collabor88
* Bunny bomber bubblegum x cyan by The Sugar Garden from Season’s Story
* Riding dirty skirt bunched by The Scarlet Letter from Big Show
* Tyr browns4fade by Truth main store
* Silver rose pendant in black by Yummy from Collabor88
* My cute pinwheel poses by Kirin from Season’s Story

* Thigh-high toeless socks Pink-Rainbow by Epic from Big Show
* Lolee+Plats by Vincue from Big Show

Diary: Travel Goal

I’m attempting to stay up only to put up this post for what I learned today while at work. I had five hours sleep last night because I had loyalty program training this morning that went for 1.5hrs, then in the late arvo had to come back and still work the PM shift. I’m running on low fuel here, tomorrow is going to be Day 7 before I finally can have my weekend and relax. It is also my dad’s birthday on Sunday so we’ll be going out in the evening to celebrate.

But with the program and working tonight I checked in one of Accor Advantage Plus gold guests who is a veteran traveller (so jealous!) and was telling me about what Accor is all about from the guest point of view. He also told me that as an employee of the company I should enjoy all the benefits that they offer including checking out the Sofitel in Guangzhou, China. Now I didn’t know where this place was until my colleague and I googled it.

It is so going on my bucket list when I do my travelling and yes travelling is still on my to-do list other than just working all my damn life. I’m still young, haven’t capped 30 yet I should be out there and enjoying the world!

– Lu

Second Life: Runaway Online

For once while eagerly waiting for the arrival of 100 Block, The Season’s Story and Chapter 4 to open (as well as Collabor88 for teleport) my mind is at this chilled mode with my pixels parked in her blogging chair.

But even in the quiet hours we either thank bad thoughts or get inspiration from the most random ideas that pop in our head and mine for tonight is coming from Strawberry’s Singh‘s meme for anyone to participate.

I’m not one to do memes on my blog, ok I take that back I have NEVER done one. But since Berry keeps encouraging all of us to do one of hers, I’m going to done today. She simply asked to write down five tips for the new people joining Second Life or “newbies”. I was quite lucky myself when I joined 9 months ago, I had four friends already on Second Life and veterans of the game. But for those who are here on their own- Here is my guide :D

1. Let’s start at the very beginning~ Linden Labs placed you there for a reason. If you have no friends to guide you the steps in those learning areas are useful it helped me when friends were in reality or asleep. If still confused then…
2. Good morning, good morning to you* Ask someone with experience for help, they usually have the group title above their head of helper, recruiter, guide soo go ask them to your hearts content. Or even asking other people present, MOST veterans are approachable and will help you in the basics.
3. I’m going on an adventure! As a woman who loves to travel in reality and in any game (Hullo Minecraft and World of Warcraft) I highly encourage that all newcomers click on Destinations tab or even go by ‘search’ to find the most amazing and dazzling sims in world. Even now 9 months in being on Second Life and I still come across beautiful places thanks to bloggers I follow and Flickr pics.
4. I’d like an Introduction… Log into the Second Life main page and go to, as human beings we are nosey animals that peek into anything that looks interesting. Spruce up your profile because trust me people will read it!
5. If you can’t do it, don’t do it at all; Before quickly jumping on the bandwagon and deciding what viewer to use I suggest that you become an expert in the default viewer and know how to do all the shortcuts, mastering how to function in world before joining the big kids. I downloaded Firestorm and I don’t like it (no offense to people who use it) and I can never adjust to it, so I’m STILL on default, don’t laugh at me >:L

* Side Note: Each of the headings for my top 5 are lyrics or quotes from various movies. First point: “Do Re Me” sung by Julie Andrews; Sound of Music film. Second point: “Good morning” sung by Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor; Singing in the Rain film. Third point: Said by young Bilbo Baggins in the first Hobbit film. Fourth point: Said by Dame Devin in Barbie in Princess Charm School animated film. Fifth point: Said by Alan Quarterman (Sean Connery) to Tom Sawyer (Shane West) in League of Extraordinary Gentleman film.

Fashion Tile: Lady Luciya Lannister

Presenting a Game of Thrones inspired outfit composed of items from The Secret Affair and the latest round of Fantasy room. Just so everyone knows I haven’t read the books and the only scenes I HAVE watched feature Daenerys and her dragon family. Please note this particular FT is more focused on how I made the pictures look pretty and not the details.

* Qarth lady gown in pink by Aisling from The Secret Affair
* Qarth lady belt hud to black by Aisling from The Secret Affair
* Lady of High garden gold hand bracelets and pauldrons by Aisling from The Secret Affair
* Black wyrmling animated by Alchemy from The Secret Affair
* Collar pink rose by Una designs from Fantasy Room
* Daisy headband (pink) by Persefona from Fantasy Room